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floating the big muddy

Yesterday, Eric, Brice, Alex and Brice did a 14 mile float on the Missouri. We put in at Rocheport and floated down to Coopers Landing. It was a beautiful day to be out on the river sunny and hot and we stopped at California Island for a swim and to toss the frisbee around. Saw a lot of Great Blue Herons and a spot of Fall cover. It was a great last day of Summer.

On a poetry note i have another couple of stanzas on my “I am a Pattern” piece. I will include the whole thing. I have been getting the most positive feedback on the poetry so i might try to do more of that. I would still encourage folks to make comments, I will respond in style and content to any reader’s suggestions. I will also send a chap book to the first non-robot who makes a comment if you don’t already have them all. Someday i will finish the one thats been sitting 99% done for years.

I believe I am a pattern, a pattern of information

Built from millions and millions of simplicities

Organized through emergence, I rise up from the bottom

I am many, but still I am me.

I believe I am a pattern, a consciousness construction

Will, sense, imagination, memory

And though I surely rise up from my body

I am much more a story

Told in the hearts of everyone who knows me.

I believe I am a pattern, a pattern set in motion

In oscilation with the tides

Not just the ocean, but the universe besides.

In every mind’s eye their is a cup

Its not the one i drink from, but its close enough

Occam’s Razor cuts, simplest is the best

Is my idea of cup unique from the rest

Or do we all drink from the same cup after all.

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