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Here’s a quick post while i wait for a print job. Many years ago i would write funny little caricature songs about my interesting friends but some of the subjects thought they were less than flattering. In response I wrote a song about several of my family and friend’s good qualities. I read it at The Shelter gathering at Nancy’s and am going to do it at Voices on the 18th.

Becoming Whole

You see the whole absurdity in the human condition

And strive to see the beauty in the life that your living

You’ve overcome the emptiness

And learned the art of giving

And you have broken the chains

That once held you down

You have learned to rearrange

You are an agent of change

You think and you learn and you are

Destined for the stars

You love every part of life

You see the hope and the magic

You smile through the darkest nights

And rise to face the tragic

And you have opened your mind

And reached for the prize

You have learned to feel and grow

You can let people know

Change has happened before

It will happen again

The least shall rise up

The great shall pay for their sins

And you stand upon the rooftop

And shout out your agnostocism

Yet you love your neighbor as yourself

And live out your cathechism

And you have crossed the great valley

And are on the other side

You have faced the great fear

You have crossed the divide

You have learned to overcome

Light shines from your soul

You are mighty and strong and you are

Becoming Whole

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    October 9, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    OK, the comments work…now we wait and see if spammers are able to post at will.

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