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an idea poem

Its been a productive time writing wise, since i started this blog, thanks again Ben. I have two pieces in the works and i was hoping to get at least one of them into publishable shape but i’m not feeling it. One expands more on multiconstruct thinking and how i came to think this way and the other is some general thoughts on bi-polar disorder. Keep watching i’ll get them up here one of these days (hopefully by mid-week since this post is going to be relatively lame). The only thing i have to post is an idea poem i wrote this week. I read it for a poet buddy on Saturday (after we carved pumpkins which was fun) and all he had to say is “what are you a neo-Platonist, have you read any Proust?

The idea of things are more real than the things themselves. Things decay, go away, become other things. I am more a consciousness than a body. I am a personality, a constructed device of organized information. I know and and am known. Every cup from which i have drunk is no more, or will be no more, or perhaps never was. Nevertheless, the idea of cup is wherever hand lifts drink to lips. Good ideas bring themselves into being out of necessity. What are ideas made of? From what land do they come? Unbound by time or space, ideas just are, everywhere and everywhen, a foreverland, a memic universe, heaven, the big book of life. I am an idea, information, a character in a story, observed and remembered even by myself. Point to that observer on an X-ray, MRI, bloodtest. You can’t do it. I am distributed. I am a multitude. And what of the idea of me? Where is that located? What is it made of? Does it dwell in foreverland, the memic universe, heaven, the big book of life? I am such a good idea if i did not exist i would create myself. I’m no cup, mind you, but i am bigger, more complex, a personality aspiring to archetype. For “Behold i am a new creation” and wise old Solomon knows “there’s nothing new under the sun”, sure and steady, but dieing nonetheless.

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  1. foggytown
    October 29, 2007 at 2:56 am

    Not a lame post at all…

    There is more in that paragraph than there is in some entire books that I’ve read…looking forward to more on multiconstruct…

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