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Trevor and I set off on our journey to the heartland yesterday at 6:00 am. We drove straight through, with a lot of rain, but had some great conversation, and arrived in Toledo with only a little discombulation navigating about the city. Having lived in a number of places its my theory that our navigating grid that we use to get around gets recycled. The plus side of getting around CoMo better these days is Toledo got a little fuzzy and i ended up on the wrong side of the Maumee and taking a little longer to get to Chad’s and Melissa’s then necessary. Chad Olsen made us a great dinner and all of my favorite people came over. It got a little overwhelming but was a lot of fun seeing everyone, and all the T-Town crew looked happy and healthy. Trevor and I had been talking and he had asked me what was the key to the Toledo character which i couldn’t really answer but having spent an evening back I think its a level of parochialism thats higher than most places. There was just a lot of Toledo-centric conversation that I probably wouldn’t have been aware of if Trevor hadn’t asked me how much of the conversation i could follow having been elsewhere for the last several years. Nonetheless, Trevor was impressed with the Urban nature and thought everyone was really interesting in ones and twos but 20 of them at once is a little overwhelming. Today we are going to Ida to have dinner with my family and then back to Toledo in the evening. Tomorrow we venture deeper into Michigan to Farmington Hills. After our visiting there we are going to shoot down to explore Cincinnati/Covington and check out the serpent mound, before heading home. More travel updates to follow and Happy Thanksgiving to all family and friends.

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