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sense of self

December 21, 2007 1 comment

Once again I am going to try to attempt to explain my most basic philosophies. I am heartened of the body of work on this blog because it will hopefully allow me to assume you may know largely where I’m coming from. I believe it is important to know what we are fundamentally, deeply and honestly, with diligent effort, and act on that knowledge to fulfill our life purpose. I believe the fundamentals of the universe are ideas; so-called physical realities are really only probabilities without an observer. Consciousness is important as it is fundamental to who we are. Consciousness is a framework of ideas built over a will built out of necessity. Self-consciousness is created through interaction with other consciousnesses in a milieu of culture, its fundamental building block is meaning. Self-conscious individuals create their own meaning both singly and in interaction with culture(s) and physical reality. Because ideas are shared and passed on and exist out of necessity (ex. “Food” is such a good idea it is eaten everywhere) they have the potential for immortality our physical selves lack. That is why we are fundamentally story. The question becomes what do we want our story to be? This is who we are; we are built out of the truth. Knowing who we are we can choose to be unaroused by any apparently negative circumstance through our control of meaning. We can give meaning to anyone or anything without limit but meaning is mediated through the truth, which thankfully is infinite. Meaning is built out of ideas and organizations of ideas, memes if you will. The more memic material you have to self-organize in an emergent process the greater your personal memic universe. Memic universes can be shared through communication, consciously and unconsciously as well as exist in culture. Memic universes are not bound by time or space but access is subject to decay and apparently termination. The deeper understanding of your own memetic existence allows you to understand others and larger patterns on interactions. By exercising our self narrative function we can enlarge and enhance our storyline within a culture, our place in the shared memic universe. We cannot force our entry onto the universal stage of known ideas without risk of unintended negative consequences obscuring the purity of the story we would have told of who we are. We need volition, but passive volition, to the greater story arc to be in balance with who-what-where-when-how we are. We allow ourselves to be part of a greater story and participate in its unfolding as it is meant to be. Knowing ourselves to be many and self-contradictory we should try to look to our highest self for direction and self-identity (internal narration). Knowing our existence to be a story we do not just look back to who we were what we were a part of but who we will be at the end of the story and what do we have to learn from that character who has finally figured it all out. What is it going to be what do I decide to do today to see this story means something.

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A Holiday Letter for Prisoners

December 21, 2007 1 comment


This year it looks like 6 people I know are going to be locked up for the holidays; four in jail, two in Prison, and one on a psych unit. Respectively they didn’t complete their sex offender class, operated a meth lab, hit their ex-wife and step-daughter and fled the police, didn’t follow up with drug court, didn’t follow through with mental health court, tried to kill their ex-husband, and punched their mom. They’re all great people in difficult circumstances and I like five of them a lot. About half of them unfortunately needs to be locked up for a minute. One that doesn’t got sentenced to 10 years last week and won’t be eligible for parole for 8 ½. It happened and it sucks. I testified for the defense and felt I was effective in extremely difficult circumstances. The judge was a piece of work, wouldn’t let any witness say much, did most of the questioning himself, called his own witness, dismissed witnesses before the defense was finished, it was a piece of work. The sentencing report based on a standardized formula of priors and life circumstances recommended probation, but the judge scolded them for not giving him any useful information. The judge said the normal sentence for that crime was 5-15 years, the prosecution asked for 15 and the defense asked for 120 days shock and parole. Their was a lot of media attention on the case and the judge might have been pressured to look tough in the face of his recent drunk driving arrest. Maybe he was always that way. A court official said we had done well, that he was leaning toward 15 and was never much one for listening. He said it would break down the very fabric of our society if wives were allowed to try to kill their husbands. Maybe he is right, but I’ve seen enough cases of guys walking for trying to kill their wives and society isn’t crumbling around our heads except as much as it is. Nonetheless it was a sad fucking affair. There was one short questioning by the prosecution that I wish I would have handled better or at least gone back too during rebuttal and made the full point, but I felt on a very short leash of what I would be allowed to say and didn’t think I would get to volunteer anything. So with all these folks locked up for the holidays I at least visited a few of them this week and wrote one of them as well. Julie’s blog had a random act of kindness day for bloggers and that is as close as this tired social worker is going to get. In 2 hours vacation. I hope to post from NV and AZ with lots of fresh and interesting travel stories. Happy Holidays.

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lost cell phone & motivation

December 17, 2007 3 comments

Sorry i haven’t had an entry for a minute. I have 2 pieces at home plus a new poem to post but with the winter weather i haven’t been motivated to get out. I also lost my cell phone so if you think i have your number i probably don’t and you should call me. Mike

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Breaking Glass

December 12, 2007 Leave a comment

I am sorry I haven’t posted and will put up something substantial this weekend, I promise. Just now I was having a smoke break and the kids from the bootcamp/GED/job training program in our building were hauling out the trash. Amongst the trash were some fluorescent light bulbs which they put in the dumpster by smashing each one. It took me back to childhood and the sure glee of noisy destruction. Nostalgia is a pure joy and one of the best benefits of getting older. It feels a little like love, but doesn’t cost as much.

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