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fairly new poem

Sorry I haven’t posted. I am still planning to write about my vacation to Death Valley relatively soon but thought i better throw something new up here, so here is a poem i wrote and forgot about in my planner. It may be called “spinach or chard” but that could be part of a shopping list.

The question is ambivilance

The heart can host a storm

Immersed in infinity

I don’t remember being born

I look forward to hello

But don’t begrudge goodbye

My life may be a hurricane

But I live in the eye

The I, the aye, the eye.

For I am an observer

I know I know I know

I see what I might see

I see where I might go

My mind’s eye is even greater

It sees what is not there

And climbs the highest mountains

Can be every one and every where.

And I am just a spark

Of this eternal raging fire

For I have felt its burning

Though you dare to call me liar

There is no God, God does not exist

Its just a mystic’s dream

A fairy story for scared kids at night

For some that’s how it seems

But I have tasted of the fruit

And dared to take the time

To delve into my deepest self

From horror to sublime

And I have seen divinity

Looked it square in the eye

Everything collapses into probability

Without the observer’s I.

And I know I know not everything

But I know I know I can

And I suspect I’m not unique in this

But just a simple man

And I have seen the many others

And felt they’re just the same

Where ever eyes create the world

Surely God has came.

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