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Fantasy Trip


If I were to abandon my current life and travel say around the middle of March it would look like this: I’d drive down to NV to see my Dad, assuming he’s still there, for a couple of weeks. Besides hanging out in Mesquite I’d (we’d) probably do a long camp at the Valley of Fire and perhaps Lake Mead. By April I’d swing up through the Midwest camping and seeing the sights along the way through Chicagoland and a long visit home (SE MI and NW OH). I’d then like to drive out to the DC area, see Jillian, do the DC tourist thing, maybe camp in Shenandoah, and hopefully leave the truck there though I haven’t asked yet because this is a fantasy. I’d then probably take a bus down to North Carolina, hitch the last 60 miles to the Nantahala (spell checks as Not taxable) National Forest and pick up the Appalachian Trail where Amee and I ended our ill-fated trip. This would be in early May, maybe the 2nd week or so and I would hike until some time in early July. Maybe pick up 350 trail miles, lord willing. Then I’d fetch back my truck and drive back to SEMINWOH for my niece’s wedding in July. Then I’d ride out to Yellow Stone with John and the Popster (assuming he’s not just in visiting from driving around escorting big trucks around) and ultimately landing in the Bay Area for a month or so, its getting hazier here. I might then like to hitch up the coast, camping and seeing the sights along the way and visit John and Lisa and Terry and Christin in Eugene and Corvalis, respectively. By this time I would be anticipating getting low on funds and wearing a bit thin on constant travel and might be thinking about getting the truck and getting back to Mesquite, Toledo, Columbia, Berkeley, or Some Place Else and doing that thing for a while.


Or I could learn to see the strengths in my current position, my clinical freedom, good pay, and ability to help people in a meaningful way. I could re-invest my off-work time with meaning and purpose and put my capital into some project, a house, storefront, rural property, something else. I could work out, quit smoking, and socialize more. Meet a good woman and settle down. All right probably not in the 6 months I sketched out in the fantasy scenario but close. But if I could do scenario 2 why aren’t I? Fantasies, I’m afraid, must be enacted or discarded.

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  1. chad1972
    January 22, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    Do it! If you were to relocate back to SEMINWOH (a great new word, bythe way) you may find that special relationship with a woman you seek. You are welcome here, by the way, for as long a you like. Also, if you make it out to Oregon, Chad Burger is in Corvalis too.

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