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Hello faithful readers. Sorry i haven’t written anything of note for a while and i still am not. I’m just not feeling it but i thought i would at least throw some updates at you. 1. I voted, lightning didn’t strike and i even felt pretty good about it, the barackmonster took Missouri in a close race and i felt good about it. they made me show ID at the polls even though i distinctly recall the courts throwing out the ID requirements. hmmm. 2. I decided to keep my nose on the grindstone, so no fantasy vacation in the immediate future. 3. I started my agency’s Freedom from Smoking thing, i saw my doctor and got a chantix prescription, let the dreaming begin. this time i am going to keep a dream diary, might give me something to post about, except my dreams tend to be banal. My quit date is 2/26 and i feel pretty good about my chances. My company is going to pay for my chantix, feed me luch weekly while i talk about quitting and get me a gym membership. 4. work is going a little better, my boss has finally learned to say no to referrals that we can’t handle, we have been interviewing potential new case managers and she is trying to clean house a little before handing over the reigns. 5. I got a possible lead on a new-old job that i don’t want to go to far on in a public forum, but it would be a nice change. 6. I am into the middle of season 3 watching Lost (watching tv, voting, staying at a job more than a year i hope i am not losing my edge). 6. i’ve been walking again, i’m up to 10 miles a week and pushing it up each week. On that note, its time to walk home. peace.

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  1. chad1972
    February 13, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Thats good about the smoking thing. I quit, have returned to the gym, and have lost 20 lbs. Feeling great. As far as the banality of keeping a dream diary, who cares?!? Good for you for watching Lost, pretty compelling, isn’t it? Whether or not you keep your “edge” (unimportant to the people who love you). TV will give you something to talk about around the water cooler. I am enjoying school, and for the life of me, cannot recall why I found it so oppressive 14 years ago. Its definitely better than having a job.

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