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I am sorry i haven’t posted, i didn’t realize its been 3 weeks, and this isn’t going to be much of a post. There have been 2 big reasons why i haven’t posted. Reason #1, I quit smoking, its been 8 days and i feel really good about this time. I am taking the chantex which certainly helps but is not eliminating the withdrawal symptoms as well as it did when i took it this summer. Nonetheless i have been mentally strong and that has helped a lot more. When i quit this summer i still had this secret fantasy that i could abstain for a time, break the back of the addiction, and then smoke once in a while. Now i know this isn’t true. Like a lot of addicts i can’t have one, ever, without tremendous risk of falling back into the habit. I have picked up a tremendous fascination for these tea tree oil flavored toothpicks out of Australia. (cinnamon is the best) My dreams haven’t been as rocking as i expected either. They have increased in frequency but have been pretty humdrum and not worth reporting. I did read yesterday that in dreams all of the characters are you. That has been a new angle on dream interpretation that i am looking forward to examining. On another front i have my training on friday for all the case managers in the agency. Since i am procrastinating working on it it has pre-empted all of my other projects, even though i’m not working on it. go figure.

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