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backyard not included

I think I might do a blog that is just a collection of excuses and apologies for not blogging. This week’s is i was all excited about finding a house. It was the 2nd one i looked at, a 3 bedroom brick ranch home on a quiet street near a park with a huge backyard. I decided to make an offer, very exciting, took my handy friend Eric to check it out, and was half way through signing the papers, kicking myself for not bringing my checkbook for the earnest money (look at all this middle class crap i’ve learned), when the realtor wanted to show me this great mapping program to answer my question on the exact location of the property line and low and behold some previous owner had sold the backyard to the neighbors. Now i am back to square one. I need to find another likely prospect to get my realtor back in gear (i don’t want to tell him i am desperate) showing me more places. The Popster is camping out by Lake Mead, so I’d like to get a place soon (theres a fine line between camping and homelessness). I’m not super happy with my backup choice, one of the bedrooms is a little small (you need 3 bedrooms for resale) and its overpriced. On the plus side its been on the market for 7 months so i might make a low ball offer. It has to be terrifying to be trying to sell a house right now. If i were doing it i wouldn’t be watching the news. On other fronts its a perfect day out there. i strolled around Stephens Lake before coming here (i always blog at the coffee zone) and before that i went for a little hike at Pinacles one of the really nice nature areas around here. Its helped keep me from becoming bitter and clinging to guns or church or something. When I am done here I am going to be a guest speaker at a freedom from smoking group. Its been almost 2 months and except for gaining a million pounds it has gone really well. I have been off meds for a month and haven’t slipped once. I figure spreading the good word will help keep me honest.

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