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East Toledo Euro Trash

When I was visiting the homeland I had the great pleasure to see London’s own The Stash play at Frankies. It was an incredible nostalgia-fest because i hadn’t been to Frankies in probably a decade. It was probably the first club i had ever been too, my first girl friend Tais Jalal took me  there and we saw some bands  that looked and sounded very much like the bands i saw their last week opening for my pals The Stash. It would of course take a friend’s band to get me to go out to see a show these days. But I went to Frankies pretty regularly from my late teens to my mid-twenties. Most memorable were going as Fidel Castro on halloween with Chad Osborne (father time i think) and Bill Soleau (something morrissey inspired), seeing the Laughing Hyeneas with Mike Leonardi and losing my glasses slam dancing and later pulling Mike out of a brawl with some Vietnam Vets arguing about the first Gulf War. The show was great except way too late. Nick and Rebecca are great folks and Nick at least is a genius. They did a band Universe Crew with a heavy alien theme. Nick also did mixes and had a European record deal, Green Tea records I believe and ultimately they offered Nick a job doing mixes and Rebecca one designing record covers. This must have been 6 years ago or more and their still making it, still making music. Closest of my friends to be rock stars. Nick produced 3 songs for Milk Carton (if you weren’t blessed to get one of the 100 Milk Carton tapes you can get aa little taste if you go to the Memory Hole and go look at one of the older versions of myspot.org) that we never did anything with and I made some music with Nick solo after we broke up. They’re good people and their new band is pretty good.  More  rock -n- roll than Universe  Crew,  a three piece,  Nick on guitar,  some presumably  British  guy on drums and Rebecca playing the Moog (Nick’s got a thing for old synthesizers). The CD is even better since Nick’s had a chance to work his mixing magic on it. I didn’t get a chance to talk to either too much being the stars of the show but they both looked great. Nick took a little rubbing for wearing eye shadow but its hard to be a rock star. I’m proud of them and wish them the best. They’ve picked up an accent but since they live their i’ll let it slide. On the trip home i started a new piece (i haven’t written in ages) based upon Phillip K. Dick’s idea of the Black Iron Prison as an analogy for the rise of a totalitarian state. Here’s what i got so far:

Theres a Black Iron Prison casts a shadow across the land

From the strip mines of the North to The Wall at the Rio Grande

So show us your papers, your bio-metric ID

How about a mark on the hand or forehead so that all can see?

That privacy is over, the world is made of glass

So much for your delicate sensibilities our society is crass

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