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Whole Grain White Bread

Greetings Constant Reader. Things in COMO continue to progress rapidly and unexpectedly. First of all for those confused by the Back Yard Not Included post everything is still on track for the house purchase. That was an older post that I inadvertently saved instead of posted and then posted later when I noticed my error. I do that sometimes. The house thing is going well. We had the inspection which went fine I identified some stuff for them to fix and they agreed to fix it. I also arranged my homeowners insurance and notified the bank who have scheduled the appraisal, which is the last thing that could potentially be a hitch as it has to appraise for the sale price or higher. I suspect it will, I added 10 grand to the sale price for the home insurance. Also talked to the bank about closing a week early, because my life is not filled with enough unexpected change. Actually I did it so my dad could unload his pick up truck before we drove up to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding. That way we can load it up with a bunch of our stuff that we have left with various kinfolk. I have kept my stuff scattered over multiple states for years so it will be nice to work for consolidating it all here in COMO. It is a little mind numbing trying to pull everything together, while still maintaining my life, such as it is. I am having to take things day by day, especially since my dad arrived. Hosting out of town company is a lot of work, especially while I try to keep a smallish footprint here at Sarah’s house, as taking in a 71 year old retired truck driver was not really one of her life goals. She has been out of town for the weekend which has been nice, just for space reasons. I should be packing but I’m not. I got my case notes caught up with, as at work we have a grant report due next week so I have this whole data collection thing on top of all the other things I have to do so some shit has been falling through the cracks. It seems like I get up make coffee and small talk with the popster roll into work jam all day roll home and rustle up dinner and more small talk and then its time to go to bed. Thank god for the weekend. Cooked a nice family style meal yesterday. Looks like I’m still stuck with most of the cooking unless I pick up a taste for hamburger helper. Dad did make a pretty good breakfast, and I learned the secret to cooking bacon as well as cube steaks on the grill is low heat. For the most part things are going well with Dad. We do come from 2 different worlds so we are having to work at meeting in the middle. I think it will be easier when we have the place so we can start doing our own things. If it wasn’t for the invention of whole grain white bread I don’t think we would have made it. Myrtle is a treat, although she’s pretty spoiled. She’s about 12 inches tall and about 20 lbs with longish black hair. She’s got a black tongue so she’s got some chow in her but she’s itty-bitty. The shelter she came from said she was chow and blue tick hound, but I don’t see the hound except for her floppy ears, but we call her a chow hound nonetheless. I took her jogging with me again today and I don’t think she had recovered from yesterdays because she slipped her collar and ran away on the back stretch today. She screamed like I was beating her when I was trying to get her collar back on. Thank god I tired her out so she couldn’t run away. Maybe my brothers right to call her Turtle. So this week I work all week including my batterers group and my data collection project. Close on the house (I hope I have enough money). Get utilities turned on if theres time and leave afterwork on Friday for Michigan. Wedding on Saturday (still have to pick Dad out a shirt), barbecue at Olson’s on Sunday, and drive back on Monday to start my new life in my new home. Of course we’ll be sitting on the floor because I’m out of money to furnish it. All in all things are going splendidly. I am looking forward to planting my persimmon tree and putting in a garden plot. If the wifi gods are kind perhaps I’ll be able to pick up a signal at the new house and I will be more on top of this whole blog thing.

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