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I Kicked a Home Run (and i bought a house)

Wednesday I did the final walk through on the house and learned everything was a go for the Thursday closing. My realtor invited me to play kick ball with some of his friends which really turned into big fun. He said bring the leg of David Beckham and the spirit of a 7 year old, and it was a really fun group. I kicked a home run (something i never did as a 7 year old), which i got more excited about then the house, so homeownership hasn’t changed me yet. Yesterday I got the keys and signed my life away but the kickball is going to be a regular Wednesday thing so i think i’m going to be alright. This weekend I’m taking a long one and riding up with The Popster to MI/OH for my cousin’s wedding and to get a truck load of his and my stuff we abandoned with other family members when neither of us had a place. I’m still staying at Sarah’s till maybe the middle of next week but The Popster is probably drinking coffee at the new Trapp homestead right now.

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