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Poetry Archive #1 (behavior mod. notebook 03-04)

unfinished novel page 25

(circa 2003)

don’t want to lose people

in unimportant details

but must establish

an understandable framework

to launch new memes.

as the only way to get

over the sun

enter Archetype Heaven

Unique Universal Knowledge

constructs contain ego-energy

we walk long swordblades

immutable in their truth

infinitely cruel

a tool of severity

excising kindness blob

of  easy indifference to cancer


selection from unpublished novel

Mitch is cold and dissatisfied with winter. a defuse chill that has begun to ache in its familiarity begetting contempt for himself and consequently the universe. He’s thinking about mirror shots and what they mean in movies, television, mitch’s mind. Watching from the outside not in a peeping tom kind of way but a stolen glance of a private place, in a public space. He has to watch to know. data collection. focus group testing, personal science. grist for the mill of mitch’s mind. working not the subconscious calculus of the thrown ball but its close kin….applied

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