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the western esoteric tradition

Usually I say something else when someone asks my spiritual tradition but of them all this one most resonates with me though i see powerful truths in all traditions. The Western Esoteric Tradition (WET) encompasses a number of other traditions, and potentially all of them. In its most advanced form Aleister Crowley put together a table of correspondence that includes 20 or so different faiths, systematized according to the kabalistic tree of life. It identifies a meta-thought to see the same universal truths conveyed in each traditions variety. I’ve hardly met anyone who also looks at the world this way and those i have i’ve largely thought had a cartoonish and slightly silly hold on it. For me its more of a philosophy, a lens through which to view the universe, something to be felt mystically and powerfully, but perhaps not ritualistically.

Moving to the specific might clarify some of this. The WET is heavily tied into the jewish mystical tradition. The Hebrews believed the name of God was divine and could not be spoken and was used in a number of different ways. That name in english is YHVH, in Hebrew Yod He Vau He, or Window Hand Knife Hand. Some WET practices involve a lot of this and one I got from Israel Regardie has been especially meaningful to me. It involves vibrating each of the letters of the name, feeling them in you as you silently project them out and visualize them going to the end of the universe and feeling the echo as it bounces back empowered by the vibrations of the godhood. He also recommends a specific posture that i think of as Pharoahnic standing stiffly right arm at your side left arm bent with your left finger in front of your lips like your shushing someone. In Garden of Pomegranits, i think, he writes what to do after this: “Standing quietly in this sign (the finger over the lips posture) I meditate upon the spiritual value, involved in the nature of The Name I have used, and it dawns upon my mind, by direct perception, an understanding and a wide wide sympathy, for that spiritual power”. This to me is a spiritual exercise type of prayer. One of a vast mosaic of practical prayer techniques. I have found it immensely profound on an experiential level. I write about this because when i talk to people about prayer and i do it seems 99% of what people talk about are just one sided conversations asking for stuff in words and sometime being thankful, again words, laundry lists, with or without feeling. Nothing wrong with that, i do that to, but “to pray without ceasing” seems to be a laudatory goal. Connections are what make us human, conscious. Mostly i think “cut wood and carry water” prayer of living and working in the Tao. But there are times when more seems in order.

I largely feel, not misunderstood, but certainly ununderstood.  This blog is largely my attempt to remedy that. If anyone is interested i will post more on WET. I am happy to address any questions, critiques, or topics of interest.

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