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i like sarah pailin

She seems energetic and fun and did some good with some of her power. Seems to have done less harm than a lot of other politicians. Obviously we have some major philosophical differences and i am not going to vote for her ticket but i won’t shed any tears for missing Joe Biden either. She apparently can think of herself as a feminist. She’d break the 43 and 0 white guy VP streak, and would be a big step up from Dick Cheney. It was a bold move by McCain that turned the race around. I am finding the vitriol the left spews at her kind of grating and certainly shrill. The VP is an attack dog role so i don’t begrudge her her lumps. If you live by the mean mouth you should be prepared to die by it. I just am tired of being exposed to it. Its annoying. If everyone wasn’t being so mean she might say more and i bet it would be funny. She seems like she’s got an isolated inbred reactionary world view punched up with suburban chic. I bet her schtick would be hilarious if she just got to put it out there.  She obviously resonates with some folks and not just the right wing base. Obama took the safe way out with Biden, thats what frontrunners do. I had hoped he would try to rise above the politics he claims to decry but they both are running on scripts i’ve heard before. I’m not rooting for mccain-pailin but i’m not rooting against her. it seems mean spirited for a white guy. i wish her well.

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  1. Squirrely
    September 17, 2008 at 2:22 am

    I’m not feeling the Sarah Palin vibe, but I respect you for putting it out there. I heard (might not be true) that she supports intelligent deisgn, which if I understand it correctly, does not accept evolution/natural selection. Her opinion about abortion pertaining to rape also bothers me. But she does look like Lynne Spears with glasses and appears smiley/nice. And I like Britney Spears. So good for you Mike, you should be free to like her!

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