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Intelligent Design is a feeble attempt by Creationists to hide the fact they are trying to bring religion into the public schools. Their argument is that life is complex it had to have a designer. Its not science because where is your testable hypothesis? Nonetheless it has something about it that intrigues me. I am a big believer in evolution. It is a neat theory with a lot of supporting evidence. I remember in highschool biology when a student told the teacher he didn’t believe in it and the teacher scoffed and said he’d seen it in the lab. Mostly the anti-evolutionists don’t like evolution because it takes away our specialness. There is seemless and corroborating evidence from genetics, linguistics, and archeology that humanity left Africa 50,000 years ago and spread across the globe. I like the idea of the big bang happening 18 billion years ago and all the scientific evidence points to that. The fact that we are on one middling planet, circling a middling sun, in the backwaters of a middling galaxy is pretty cool and far weirder than any creation myth folks came up. But life is complex as is the universe. Complexity lends itself to intelligence. Even cities organize themselves intelligently, more user friendly than those developed by central planners. Bees do it, ants do it without any centralized authority. We call this process emergence, when intelligence naturally arises out of random simple processes. I do believe there is intelligence in our design but that does not necessarily mean there is a designer. I believe the design itself is intelligent and in that sense i do believe in intelligent design.

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