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i’m afraid of obama

November 14, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m afraid of obama. I’ve never voted for anyone whose won before. Politics has always seemed like something that’s done to me by other people, not anything that really involves me. The first time i voted for president i voted for michael dukakis in the democratic primary. This was during my democratic socialist period and i really liked jesse jackson better but i was trying to use stategery, as W would say, and voted for Dukakis. Dukakis of course lost michigan to jackson and lost the election to papa bush. Their was a big deal made of jackson’s michigan victory because george wallace had taken michigan once upon a time and their was a cosmic shakeup that i didn’t get to be a part of. Since then i’ve never voted out of realpolitik but have chosen the candidate i thought best and migrated to third parties. Four years ago i stopped voting all together. I was going to even though i have had an ambivilance about voting for a long time. “You can choose your own master but do you have the right to choose mine” resonates with me. But also passing up the only chance to participate we are given doesn’t seem right either. So mostly i held my nose and voted. four years ago though i walked over to Malcolm X Elementary (you gotta love Berkeley) to pull the lever for Leonard Peltier (Kerry nauseated me and Nader i have grown to despise as an egomaniacal troll who both annoys and bores me to no end) of the Peace and Freedom Party (you gotta love California) when i noticed a soldier guarding the polling place complete with sub-machine gun. I just kept walking, i didn’t want to involve myself in anything involving machine guns. I felt good about this (see my post i did not vote today) and was content until the obama-clinton primary (see post 43 & 0). So all that being said i voted for the guy and he won. that makes me responsible for him. Before politics has been something other people did to me, not anything that i did to other people. I am afraid that i am going to once again have to write letters, organize protests and engage in a process that i find highly dubious. what are you gonna do?

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