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tracking snow

i collect weather wisdom. today i heard a new one. on the first day it snows enough where you can see your tracks whatever the day thats how many snowfalls you get that winter. here in como its 30, oh for a day of delay and that one on christmas. personally i look at the squirrels. if there skinny and frisky and not to concerned with impending winter i try not to as well. if they chunk up and stay busy stocking it away i look for a bad one. this year they started out skinny and lazy and i predicted a light one. they’ve chunked up some this fall so i’m changing it to a moderate winter with hopefully more snow than ice. most folks have been calling for a bad winter because we had a mild summer. these folks i think just feel we have to suffer sometime. myrtle, the popster’s dog i share a home with, had her first snow. she liked it. i shouldn’t have been surprised, she’s a skinny little dog with big grizzly bear feet and little beady eyes, she’s made for the snow. it was fun watching her play. i was also relieved she liked the snow. i was afraid she just might prefer to shit in the house until spring. but the fall crops are in, garlic and spinach, and most of the leaves are raked, so let it snow. thats what 1000 piece puzzles were invented four.

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