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Winter Gardening

After sub-zero temperatures sunny and in the 30s seems like a pretty good day. I celebrated it with taking my brush pile and christmas tree to the mulch site. I ran into my buddy Scout scavenging for firewood. We pulled on a good sized branch but never did break it lose from the pile. I did learn i had ripped out the seat of my corduroys, not on the seam at least, but as Scout pointed out i can’t wear them to work anymore. Serves me right for playing in my school clothes, a lifelong habit i’m afraid.

I’ve also been raking and may finish off my second pass since Fall tomorrow. Early in the winter i put in a second compost bin and so am trying to get my first one to finish, hopefully in March, but i would even be happy with May. I had prepped my initial bin for winter by breaking the consistently brown/green mix at 50/50 and topped it off with all the leaves i could stuff in so i would have a place to stick kitchen waste all winter. Also after leaf fall i had to get rid of leaves and had started a leaf pile under the bush honeysuckle. Then i found a half off bin at Westlakes after season and wish i’d kept the really nice mix i had going. Plus i buried the compost so deep i couldn’t really shovel some in to help get the second one going. Even now it is really a bin of leaves with some garbage mixed in then a rea compost pile.

Last weekend i finished putting in a cold frame i think its called. I put four wire hoops up and stretched across plastic held down with rocks and brick. I planted spinach and leaf lettuce. I also planted more tulips and some irises alongside the neighbors giant privacy fence that i got for a dollar. The gardening lady who writes a column for the Tribune had said she had planted some she had gotten on sale and thought it was worth a shot. She was also right in saying even if nothing comes of it its nice to get your hands in the dirt in winter.

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