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meteorological spring

i am so thankful spring is finally here. it was just gorgeous today, sunny in the high 60s. i have been at a convening of the cadre for co-occurring excellence (how’s that for a moniker) for the last 2 days, which was pretty boring but at least got me out of the daily grind and with the nice weather finally broke out of this funk i have been in.

played a game of horse shoes after work and eked out a victory in a back and forth struggle with the popster. he has been a little down himself of late having learned his BP was high again and his new pill spun him. i haven’t been able to be super supportive myself and a bit ago just walked away while he was talking to me. he had followed me outside when i was taking out the compost and was smoking and i am just too fragile to be around it at home where i am vulnerable. on the good side its been 3 1/2 weeks w/o a smoke. i am med and nicotine free and feeling pretty on it. i got my third gift certificate for a pair of shoes for finishing the class. i’m getting quite a collection.

on the gardening front, i thinned out my lettuce and spinach in the cold frame again. they are both doing great and i got enough to top of my store bought lettuce into a pretty nice salad tomorrow night. a few of my crocuses are up so i guess the squirrels didn’t eat them all. a row of the garlic is looking pretty good and there are a handful of spinach coming up from where i winter sown them.

tomorrow and the next day i hope to turn over some soil and get in some more lettuce and spinach and perhaps the carrots and radishes. i have 200 pounds of sand i was weighing the truck down with i am going to split between the root crops and the horse shoe pits and might do that this weekend as well. the compost is not done, looks like at least another month. hopefully it’ll at least be done by may for the main spring planting. a client gave me a box of chemical fertilizer. i think i am going to use it on the shrubs in the front of the house since i don’t have any food crops going out there (except the rhubarb which i think got fried by the sun anyway). no since sending it to the landfill.

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