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spring has sprung

so spring has been off to a great start. my friends jillian and mark have been visiting for a long weekend from maryland and st louis respectively and it has been nice hanging out. eric had a great birthday party on the equinox itself. we had a campfire and some pretty funny banter. today i went to brazito to a wild flower nursery and laid down a chunk of change. i got some paw paw trees and a bunch of wild flowers. i am trying to rehabitate the flower bed in the south east corner that is super shady from the neighbors privacy fence. today i shoveled in about 6 gallons of compost and planted some wild ginger, spider wort, and jacob’s ladder. i also planted some bachelor buttons and marigold seeds around them to fill in the space for this year so i could plant the perennials further apart and give them room to expand. the compost seems to have come out pretty good, though there is a bit of a smell. i still have almost 2 full flats to get in plus some research to do. i am also hoping to get in some onions and perhaps some cabbage and brocoli fairly shortly. what about you? how does your garden grow?

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