Gardening continues in earnest. have planted a lot of native wild flowers, some row crops (arugula, onions, leaf lettuce, carrots, radishes, a little spinach), i have a cold frame with leaf lettuce (almost ready) and spinache (couple more weeks), i have garlic, chives, oregano, & sage coming back from last year. also added white sage, echincacea, and wild bergamont (all native) this year. Planted paw paws yesterday, i put in 2 should have gotten 3. i might go to the native plant sale (i drove to a little hippy place an hour away for my other natives) and get another one on saturday. the weekend after i am camping on the grounds of a B&B (hot tub access) and pulling invasive garlic mustard out of a river bottom area where i have been planting native trees with missouri river relief. We have been planting nut trees (oaks, hickory, pecan) with the thought once they mature the nuts will float down stream to re-seed the rest of the banks. i love being involved in a 300 year plan. glad your still coming, time frame not really that important.  happy easter. eric says ‘a late easter means an early spring.’

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