Summer seems to be winding down and it never even really got going. We got a nice soaking rain which we needed but I also need to turn over a new bed and get some fall stuff in. I’m most eager to get in some garlic before I eat it all. I didn’t get a whole lot out of what I planted and ate the nicest head but the second nicest I still have and want to plant that. I got more than I thought I was going to from the way almost all the surviving plants struggled, but still not that much. I’m going to add a lot more to the soil this time, maybe 3 inches of hummus and 6 inches of compost. See what that does. I also have 6 surviving cabbage plants to put in but I decided to give them another week at least to get bigger and hardier even though it’s getting late. I saw day lilies at the market and wanted one, but I didn’t drive and they wouldn’t fit in the trunk. My dollar mum from last year being huge and beautiful is keeping me from paying $7 for one that don’t even have hardy in the name. I want to put in a red one though for the song. I’ll have to check through the poetry and see if its there.

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