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the fall bed is in

John has been visiting and so i took a four day weekend and we have been doing just a lot of hanging out. Since i’m not smoking i haven’t just wanted to sit around so i’ve gotten a fair amount of gardening done. I turned over about 10 square feet in the start of a third bed north of my other two. Dad thinks the light will be better than the other two beds this time of year or i would have pieced in the stuff i wanted to plant in the other two beds.

I double dug them and only shoveled in about an inch of hummus and an inch and a half of compost. Smokey, John’s Aussie Cattle Dog, was pretty into rooting into and eating of the compost so i guess its not quite finished but looked pretty good to me (earthy smell and except for 1/2 a cob and some egg shell fragments can’t tell what it is). I put all the stuff in the bottom foot and would’ve put in another inch or two of compost in the top as well but with the dog taking an interest i didn’t want to give it any more reason to dig in the bed.

I planted my broccoli and cabbage starts. They’re pretty little but its getting late in the year. I also planted 3 garlics from my second best head and 4 one foot rows of lettuce, arugula, and mescalin. this morning i looked out the back bedroom window and the little broccolis were looking very brave standing in their two little rows backed by giant squash blossoms and a marigold explosion. this late summer has been incredible.

I’m glad i’ve gotten everything in.  Time and weather permitting i would like to get in some day lilies or another mum or any discounted perennial i come across. I’m also planning on trimming out the fence row since a big branch came down in the front yard and i need to make a trip to the mulch site anyways.

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