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floating the big muddy

I got the canoe out on the missouri yesterday for a little taste of fall. I floated with Sarah from Catfish Katie’s down to Coopers Landing. Its only 4.7 river miles so it makes a pretty good fall afternoon float. Get a little taste of the big river but its not an all day commitment. It was beautiful, much changed since i floated the same piece with eric a month ago. Then the fall color was just getting started, a yellow tinge to most things some stuff going all the way. now it was all on the ground. two fall floats and missed the color, hard to do that if you tried. i guess it gives me something to look forward to.

The hills and bottoms were still pretty amazing. Once you lose the leaf cover you can actually see more of the shape of the land. The wind was kicking up pretty good which gave us close to an extra hour on the river. At one point we passed some kind of bottle. An hour later with steady paddling I noticed the bottle had passed us by, so we weren’t setting any speed records. We fished it out of the river and it turned out to be a gas cylinder. I am not sure what to do with it now. It seems better in my garage than floating down the missouri.

There was music and a fire at Coopers when we arrived. Dad dropped us and picked us up and he had a good time so i should have river drop off and pick up into perpetuity. There’s a lot of river and i hope to see more of it. Hoping to get out this winter when theres ice.

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