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more old poetry (john and salome)

I’ve noticed since moving the blog to wordpress that poetry is all of a sudden a big hit. I haven’t been writing a lot of new poetry, it seems to come in waves. I think there has to be a certain amount of space in my life to stay up late, having already read my fill, and a certain level of reflection. Right now i am living life. sometime in the future i will write about it. Here is one i wrote about John the Babtist probably sometime around 1998.  Its not as subversive as most of my religious poetry but all of it just arises out of the subconscious. I actually have little to do with the process. I struggled with the last line but finally just kept to the same pattern. I like the repetition and juxtaposition of the two characters. I’m curious as to what other folks like.

John was a young man, he lived in Galilee

And about two thousand years ago he baptized in the sea

He baptized in the sea

He wore a coat of camel hair, ate locusts and honey

He cried out to the people to repent, but they refused to see

They refused to see

But while John was busy preaching, Salome began to dance

And the King of all Israel fell into her trance

Fell into her trance

Salome was a young girl, the daughter of a king

She does the dance of the seven veils while a thousand eunuchs sing

A thousand eunuchs sing

But while Salome was busy dancing, John began to say

The King of All Israel is living in sin this day

Living in sin this day

John was touched by God, his words were like a fire

But when he turned the people against his king he lit his funeral pyre

Lit his funeral pyre

Cuz while John was busy preaching Salome continued to dance

And when the last veil hit the floor she knew she had her chance

Knew she had her chance

Salome was given a gift and it was up to her

She asked for the head of John the Baptist served on a silver platter

Served on a silver platter

So when Salome was finished dancing, John was finished as well

Now John is preaching up in heaven and Salome is dancing in Hell

Salome is dancing in Hell

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