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meteorological spring revisited

Seeing some interest in last years post I thought I would revisit the topic this year. Meteorological Spring is the idea that the equinox doesn’t really hit when the seasons really change. Its the idea that March, April & May are more springlike and June not so much. Astronomically spring rolls through to around June 20. Obviously mid June is Summer. Personally I celebrate both.

Last year I was a new nonsmoker. This year its been a year and I am in a great place with it. I feel as much more like a nonsmoker than a former smoker. This weekend I was even able to pick The Popster up a pack which would have been a no no a year ago.

Last year I was sick of winter. This year much more so. I am in a better place emotionally which i wouldn’t have realized without going back and reading my old post. This winter has been so much worse. We got hit with a long and very cold snap in December wiping out my winter crops and then snow and cold all winter long. No winter gardening. Only 2 of my 3 garlics i managed to get in survived. The third one washed away and froze. I don’t know when i’ll get my hands in the dirt. The compost hasn’t done anything all winter so it’ll probably be May before I have usable stuff. (Last year I had a batch in March and a batch in May).

Last year I had a Convening of the Cadre for Co-Occurring Excellence to attend. This year I do as well. This year I am on the steering committee and we are trying to do something. I’ll see if we really did on Meteorological Spring part 3.

Other changes, I am blogging more, playing more dungeons and dragons, and getting less projects done on the house. Getting along better with Dad in retrospect and am overall happier. I am getting a little more exercise, eating out a lot less and spending a lot less money. I am driving less and reading less books and more magazines. I facebook more and talk on the phone less. I gave up my personal cell phone months ago (great decision) and am days away from dropping my work cell phone. I am working a little less but still too much. All in all life improves. Easy to miss without some reflection on where we’ve come from. I am more and more seeing an “attitude of gratitude” as the most fundamental thing in my quality of life. Thanks for sharing the journey and please leave a comment.

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