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love spring

It was beautiful after work and great to get out and do some mucking around with the garden. I cleaned up the herb bed and can give my first detailed report. The tarragon is looking great, the oregano is spreading nicely, the thyme is back in two places, and the local white sage could almost be described as pernicious and is enlarging its footprint this year. Bergamont is looking good and the chives continue. The parsley is back as well. Inside the rosemary rocked through the winter and will move outside noticeably larger.

I raked off the leaves off the strawberries and was disappointed. I think i had them on too thick and wet and lost some plants. Nonetheless there’s a lot of them and most look great. With the early super cold snap I might have lost some anyway, who knows. I have a lot of leaves now and turned the compost before adding a bushel to the working pile. The working pile looks great, the one finishing is struggling and needs a lot of work.

Glad the weather is cooperating and glad to be home and on it. On the flower front crocuses are up and doing well, especially the violet ones. Everything else is coming along. less and less bare every day.

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