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“Jesus poem”

Here is my poetic take on the life of Jesus. Some folks have been offended by my take on things so i lead with that disclaimer. I mean no disrespect and am just trying to paint a realistic picture of what he may have actually been feeling on a personal level. Savior of the world is one thing, being a man and struggling with man things is more interesting to me as a writer. Jesus gave up a lot to do his Jesus thing and I like to honor all of that sacrifice. Happy resurrection day my friend.

Jesus had a hard life

When he walked out onto the stage

With his healings and his feedings

And his tempered sense of rage

At injustice and exploitation

At the priest’s hypocricies

And when he gave his life to the masses

You know that he wanted to flee

Into the arms of a lover

A faithful and caring friend

And was it the Magdalene or the Apostle John

That his thoughts turned to in the end?

The Magdalene had been around

She rubbed scented oil on his feet

And it was better than food for the poor

Even Jesus needed something sweet

But the Magdalene had sold herself

Before Jesus gave her a new life

And if Jesus wanted to sample Mary’s wares

You know he would have made her his wife.

And John was the disciple that Jesus loved

It even made it into the Book

And John rest his head on Jesus’s breast

In spite of how it must look

To the fishermen, turned fisher of men

Come to bid their teacher goodbye

But John needed to make one last act of love

Before he watched his Jesus die.

And the other Apostles followed the martyr’s path

Only John lived to an old age

For he was the disciple that Jesus loved

And Jesus wouldn’t give John to the stage.

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