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“Gordon Goes To Heaven”

I wrote this poem on the request of my niece after the death of one of her associate’s with severe developmental disabilities. She was struck by his Cookie Monster doll sitting by his plastic palm tree which she had always meant to decorate with christmas lights but never got around to it. Got me thinking about big questions and i wrote this surrealist thing:

The Cookie Monster sat

Under the seven foot cactus

That though never wore Christmas Lights

In this life for sure

Will shine in remembrance

Where we’ll all live the longest

If we get to live at all

The memory mansions of a communal Heaven

A place across the abyss

That is not alone

Many Many Memory Mansions

Are prepared for us for sure

Life without interaction is impossible

And Jesus said he could do it

And Jesus said he would do it

He might have said we should do it

And far greater things

Less we be swallowed up in the unimaginable

Not remembered Not remembering

Swallowed up in the divine for sure

Through the conservation of energy if nothing else

Can’t be all bad

Some noble folk seek it out

As their ultimate goal

But if its communion versus existance

Independent Existance

I stand to be here

To be Me if not I

Humility has its demands

And the Work has too few hands

And there’s shadows grow across the land

‘Midst the dappled sunlight of growth

And the warmth of gentle decomposition

The cycle turns and turns

But passions churn and burn

In their immediacy

The seeds of apocalypse

Are as easy to see as beauty

And which is more real

Only time will tell

That lying bitch

Mother of dogs

Man’s best friend

Do you remember the wolf

That you were

Or the angel you may be

May be becoming

Was a stop in the suburbs

Of arbitrary confinement

And casual nurturance

Worth a step toward the Celestial Hunt

Murderously vain about intelligence

We are

I have to say to not sound threatening

Though there’s no violence on my mind

Except the violence I see

In the stories I hear

In the papers I read

In the people I meet

Arrogant to believe intelligence

Trumps connection

That God does not preserve man and beast

And yet the socially constructed eternal soul

Of personality in interaction

Shines brighter in imagination

A fuller conception of the divine

Aids resonance

Resonance to dance

Outside the hallowed walls

Of someone else’s memory

Skating across the abyss on a name

A hope, a prayer

To soar amidst the other luminescent beings

And share our light

And shine brighter

We are all stars in time

and I swear I will try to remember

You all

In time.

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