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holy shit i can shovel

What a beautiful spring day to spend in the garden. I haven’t been doing much out there with the pinched nerve in my c-6 vertebra and all the rain there just hasn’t been much i could do if i had the time and energy. It has rained so much the ground is still saturated almost everywhere and some places water will still swell out of the ground if you walk across it. The grass is getting high and needs to be cut if I am going to stay on top of it with a push reel mower as I have been. Just having to consider buying a noisy 2 stroke earth killer has bummed me out. But besides the pain i can’t lift my arm and my bicep isn’t working in my right arm and I haven’t been optimistic i could manage the push reel when it gets dry enough.

Today though it was just to gorgeous. I walked around and looked at all the spring bulbs. The daffodils are pretty much done but the early tulips are holding up and getting joined by more and more each day. I wish i would have kept better track of what i planted in the fall but lots of bulbs are blooming. I do have one completely bare spot where the squirrels, tree rats as my brother calls them, ate them all. bastards. Stubby, this mostly tailless fat fucker who mostly lives in the front yard has a particular taste for bulbs, especially tulips.

The wildflowers have come back nice but none are blooming yet and the herb garden looks great, as do the strawberries. Thank God for perennials. But i don’t have to totally rely on them because when i tried shovel up the southern most garden bed i found i could do it pretty normally. It was also dry enough so all the organic material and sand i’ve been adding is paying off. I double dug it and put in about an inch of cotton waste compost. I plan on turning in another inch in the top layer tomorrow and planting lettuce, mescalin mix, and perhaps some spinach.

Dad just asked me to make a salad so i’m gonna wrap this up. I might take some time and get some dandelion greens in it. Or perhaps not as i dawdled enough bringing this to close that he asked harry to do it. In that case i will also mention i added the second coat of brown spray paint to the rain barrels. Next step is to paint the ribs black and i hope to have them up and ready this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

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