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“I’m no Eddie Von Blondt”

This poem is one of the rare ones inspired by something i saw on tv, in this case the X-Files. Eddie Von Blondt was a shape shifter who took over Fox Mulder’s life and almost made it with Sculley. He just did a better job living than Mulder had done and it got me thinking and I wrote this. It again comes out of my chap book ‘America: Its Land and Its People’:

I’m no Eddie Von Blondt

For sure, for sure

Nor Fox Mulder either

For that matter

Sure enough

I’m to comfortable

In the other

To do well

To gain the props

Of artificial attraction

Material satisfaction

The base gratification

Of the top of the stratification

The Lie’s artless beauty

And by artless I do not mean natural

I mean without art, not guile

The feeling not the smile

Straightened, whitened

Capped and mapped

By the Colgate Brightness

Of your pearly whiteness

I’ll read you the list of

The snaggle toothed super stars….

And I know the pain

Of violating social conformity

Fuck the Rules

Fuck the cars

Fuck the money

Fuck the bars

Fuck the rich

Fuck the stars

Fuck the game

And I won’t play

Not by your rules

That made me a loser

Before I even knew I was playing

And that the stakes were high

And the rules a lie

Or so cruelly true

They cry out for obfuscation

Now I’m not saying

You have to be poor

And fat and crazy

And live in your parent’s garage

And wear old clothes

And not comb your hair

Just be yourself

Your god-given unadulterated self

Brave and unafraid

Content with who you are

What you have

Because if we keep

Buying into their shit

Buying their shit

Living the Lie

Giving the Lie

To our children

And our children’s children

There won’t be a 7th generation

To give it too.

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