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“The Buddha Next Door”

This poem speaks for itself and takes its name from a Chad Osborne quote on what he was going to call his new album in late November 1996. I wrote the poem some years after, i think in preparation for ‘America: Its Land and Its People’, no book on notable americans would be complete without one.

Larger than life; my friend

such quick-witted genius belongs on the stage

Without pretense or ambition

Singing post-modern ballads

of what might be

what might’ve been.

Growing up in a small town

it is a gift to know you my friend

erudition without equal

and a hunger to Know


about everything

asking for nothing

Spinning tales, absurd tales

All the stranger for being true.

The roll of the eyes

the arched eyebrow

the enigmatic smile

Speaking volumes on their own

the wit, the wit, the wit

that takes someone apart

but with the child like spirit

spritely innocent

the glee of the moment sparkles

that makes it all ok

better than ok

Its fucking hilarious

side splitting fun

that leaves you out of breath

and your cheeks hurting.

Please, please, please

no more

Filling the void with laughter

for its own sake

True Good at its finest

No malice

but a desire

to know

to take


To go out on the smallest limb

for no other reason

than to pluck the forbidden fruit

Of naming the unnamable

tasting the fruit of unadulterated interaction

the eternal quest for reaction

All in fun

All for fun

And the chips fall where they lay

A veritable Angel of Dionysus

We’ll run, run, run across the void

of empty convention

the rules, mores, norms

of the ones who dwell in the mud

Afraid to defy convention

Plucked into the Spotlight

of cross examination

lost in explication

of what your life really means.

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