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“7 Aphorisms for Nathan”

There are a lot of words and they have a lot of meanings and the sum of it all is the truth. The named and the unnamed, the known and the unknown, the beginning and the end.

People smoke cigarettes to hide, focus, put off, bury pain, and belong.

Most edits are to make things more beautiful, rarely to make them more true.

It is important to be your own character for sure but it is also important to let other characters develop the plot line.

Argument by analogy is the weakest form of argument, but sometimes it is all there is in a world of turbulent chaos and unknown stabilities.

Some go to the woods to look for calm, others for inspiration, in the best of times both.

Just because you missed your turn off doesn’t mean you should look more carefully next time. Where you are going is a decision must made moment by moment.

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