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got the back 40

Its was a busy weekend at Leslie Lane. Yesterday, started the day with coffee with sarah and harry then we went to the market. Got some good eats, plus some stuff to plant; horseradish, which i’m not really sure what to do with, some tomatoes including a purple one from the organic place, but we couldn’t find any green zebras that harry is into.

Later I went for a hike with Harry on the High Ridge Trail at Rock Bridge State Park. Its the best trail with the greatest variety of terrain. It was very pretty out with the red bud’s last hurrah, the wild sweet william, and violets. Very pretty and their was a hint of flowers in the air. We walked along a creek and through the woods and looked for morels. Saw lots of mayflowers an indicator species but no mushrooms. I was so bushed from hiking I lay down on the couch and pretty much stayed there until the next morning, except for getting up for bed. I forgot to pick up my tramadol at the pharmacy and i think i was going through a little withdrawal and i was sore.

Nonetheless once i got moving the soreness went away.  I was itching to get some stuff done on the garden. But first because a complicated array of interrelated projects I had to knock the dirt out of the red bud stump in the front yard. Then i backed the truck up to it and dad, harry and i heaved it into the back of the truck. I collected sticks since I was going to the mulch place, but missed a pile i had raked up a couple weeks ago, grrr.

Since we were at the mulch site we hiked along Hinkson Creek at Capen Park. It was again very pretty, didn’t see any morel territory. Kept some energy for the yard. When we got home I planted the flowering dog wood and the little red bud i got at the arbor day giveaway. I put them next to each other in front of the stump. I will plant something in the stump someday.  I mowed the front yard. Henry, the neighbor, showed me a flowering shrub with these little pink flowers he wasn’t sure what it was, i didn’t know either obviously. Then i watered stuff up front.

I raked the sawdust so it doesn’t cover the seedlings up from the wildflower mix out where the bush honey locust used to be. Yesterday dad cut down the wild looking stumps off at the ground. Harry had dug up the rest of the southerly bed and he planted another tomato. I ran some string and rope back and forth between two cages for a trellis and planted those asian pea pods.

Friday night i had stopped in to see Malavika and Isaiah and they had given me a couple variety of kale seedlings and a couple broccoli or cabbage plants. Harry and I planted a couple and the rest i split out into individual plants and transplanted them. I did the same thing with my last two hybrid tomatoes and the basil i bought at the market as well. After watering I was ready to call it a day.

Finished it off with dinner. Had local brats cooked with onions and Mickeys Malt Liquor. Also made rhubarb with peach preserves and Harry made a salad out of an array of local greens, local radish, and some red and yellow maters. For substance i made an annie’s mac-n-cheese with left over broccoli and cheese in it.

Future projects include the rhubarb bed, planting the basil, planting the 4 new varieties of strawberries I got, moving the lilies and getting in some rose bushes. I’ve also been filling the bird bath which has been a good draw for the wildlife. I plan to build a garden wall around the southernmost bed and i am going to include some cups to hold water and draw the birds so they’ll eat some bugs while they’re having a little drink or swim.

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  1. April 19, 2010 at 3:52 am

    wow, sounds like a great weekend…


    • April 19, 2010 at 11:53 am

      Thanks John, i looked at your link, now i just have to find the time and figure out where i am going to plant it. He was selling them in groups of 12 and i talked him down to 6 but that’s still a lot of horseradish.

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