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“Live in a Garden”

I can’t believe i haven’t posted this one its one of my favorites. I’ve finished posting all the stuff i’m gonna from “America” and am now putting up stuff from Atonal Musings which i put together in 2001. The first verse goes back to my manic break down and my first big flurry of poetry. I was stalled there for a couple of years when i got my break through by changing my imaginary audience to this three year old boy whose family i was working with. Writing for kids helped me wrap my mind around what i was trying to do and it brought in all the farm animals.

We could live in a garden

Watch the apple trees sway

In the gentle breeze

While the chipmunks play

We won’t have jobs or have bills to pay

We’ll live simple lives but it’ll be OK

Because we’ll live in a garden

We’ll have to milk the cow

Feed the chickens and ducks

And slop the old sow

We’ll ask some old people

When we don’t know how

There’ll be Sea Monkeys on Thursday

If you start them now

Because we live in a garden

We just don’t act that way

Trapped in buildings and cars

Almost every single day

If you only remember one thing I say

The world is a garden so treat it that way

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