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I am Blessed

Its been a really long day in a really long series of days, nonetheless i am blessed. I wake up early so i don’t have to be jarred awake by the blare of an alarm and put myself on a time schedule right from get go. I take my chill out time first so i make sure i get it in whatever else happens in the day. For today that was good planning. Work was work, with an extra group at 7 added on which challenged my getting the lawn mowed before the rain. As did the rain that fell at 4 and then rained on me while i mowed the front and half the back from 5 to 7 as well as dinner. Harry made some good spaghetti, a little sagey i thought at dinner, he sages the ground beast so as to give it a sausage thing, to good effect. I’m looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow, because as i mentioned, i am blessed. I did a process group for my random hour of work in the evening. I only live a block from work but i like the little walk to shift mental gears. I hope i’m not breaking confidentiality to reveal that three others were feeling pushed about getting their lawns mowed before the rain comes. I discussed the evils of should and its easy replacement with could, and declared that i could mow my lawn after work, or i could just lay around. I also said a couple of sentences about the wonders of gratitude. It can save your life as something to cling to in tough times and its pretty useful in all other times. So i came home and mowed my lawn. I remembered a tip Amee got from a self help book when we were married and remembered how good i would feel when i was pushing it out. And I do, my back feels great, my lawn is mowed. If it rains i am ready. if it does not i have plants to plant. there’s a tiger game on to watch with the popster. life is good. i am blessed.

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