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“Glue Sticks and Potatoes”

I wrote this little ditty in the heart of my manic break down. I had stayed up all night thinking nonsense and was cooking breakfast (frying the last of the potatoes) when i was trying to remember i wanted to pick up some glue sticks for a collage i had an idea for and couldn’t find a pencil so i wrote a little song to help me remember when i got more potatoes. I recorded it with Milk Carton a capella with a lot of reverb. I think it came out kind of haunting and pretty cool:

Glue sticks are so wonderful

When you want things stuck together

Glue sticks are so wonderful

When outside there’s stormy weather

Potatoes are so wonderful

When they’re just like Mom makes

Potatoes are so wonderful

Whenever your heart breaks

Glue sticks and potatoes

They stick to you

Like bread sticks to butter

Glue sticks and potatoes

Is today’s analogy

For loving one another

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