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magic beans

The staycation is coming to a close. The day after tomorrow I am back to the salt mines. I have enjoyed my time off but I am also missing making money. Harry and I got the living room painted. Its more yellow than mustard but really pretty and I did a wall and the paneling in a yellow orange and it looks really sharp. Brightened the place right up.

I have also gotten a lot of gardening in. I planted my Bush’s Poppy Mallow in the red bud stump. Ants had gotten in and hollowed it out and filled it with soil. I mixed in a little clay and some compost and so far so good. I planted my Paw paw tree on the East side of the house in a really shady area. It seems to be thriving so far and its inside of the fence which will keep out the casual deer. Speaking of the long legged rats ate not only my hosta blooms but also the rose blooms near them. They have come back and eaten the leaves as well. Next year I’m moving them behind the fence, that’s three years running they’ve eaten all the flowers.

I’ve done a lot of cultivating and cleaning up as well. I also have turned up more garden bed and the okra i’ve planted has turned into some nice little seedlings. I thinned them today and munched on the shoots, tangy but nice. I also finally got my yellow beans in, which generated a little family gardening lore. Dad says they used to do them two and then three seeds every 6 inches. The multiple seeds are supposed to support each other. Two and then three seems more like magic then based on reason, like planting your potatoes on good friday. Its such a varied date it can’t be based on physical laws but is captializing on the symbology of christ in the tomb. Its probably the same with the beans and there is so much symbology around 23, it just seemed magical. I did two rows and then dug up a partial row in my first bed where the peas were before the rabbits ate them all. I turned over the lettuce bed after harvesting it all. I made wilted lettuce twice to use it up when it was getting a little tough and tangy from the intense heat. I am going to plant cucumbers there tomorrow, but first i have to get some. I also have to pick up compost. My last batch didn’t finish because of the mass of dried leaves i put in last fall. When the container started to come apart i couldn’t turn the bottom and it never got mixed in and is still leaves. I turned it up good and wet it down and will add coffee grounds to get it finished. In the interim i will have to buy some. On the flower front the gladiolas i planted last fall are doing great. Have some cut on the table. Tomorrow my friend Julie visits from Colorado. I hope to get some gardening in before she arrives.

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Canoeing through the woods

June 24, 2010 2 comments

Staycation 2010 rocks on. I have been doing a terrible amount of gardening. Most of the place has been cultivated, I planted all but one of my new wildflowers, and I got in three rows of okra. I am experimenting with putting them pretty close in a square foot garden approach. Yesterday I harvested half of my mixed greens. They were getting tough from the 90+ degree heat so i made wilted lettuce and it was quite delicious. I set aside some bacon grease for another round later this week, then no more backyard lettuce until fall. I was also able to host a little breakfast thing around the world cup which was fun and an exciting game with the usa coming back in the end to advance. I grilled a nice sirloin with paprika, dried aromatic basil, and garlic powder with some baked red potatoes from the springfield market (i suspect they were last years).

In the evening Jared came by and we drove out to Overton  Bottoms and canoed around the flooded wildlife refuge. There was supposed to be a group but no one else showed. We offloaded the canoe and ran over to Woolverton for a six pack of Redstripe. Of course their was a client in the parking lot, that always happens on the rare occasion I buy alcohol. Coming back in I got the truck stuck parking off the side of the road. We got ‘er rocking and with Jared driving and me pushing out of the flooded ditch we got ‘er out. I was covered in mud but relieved not to have to call for rescue. Getting stuck makes beer taste good.

We canoed around, first through some brush and weeds and it felt very evergladey. We then moved through the woods which was pretty cool, i’ve never canoed in that kind of situation. We went down the flooded road and explored a parking lot to read the informational signs. Jared spotted a tree frog clinging to a lonely dry reed. I broke it off, loaded him on to the canoe and carried him to a large tree. He hopped off happily.

We were going to head to the river to see the transition from flood to river but the weather turned ominous. We instead had a mad dash back to the truck as lightning struck along the horizon. It was coming in a few large drops and not a minute after we had the boat strapped down it came down in buckets. A beautiful trip and the end to a really wonderful day.

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home from springfield to start the staycation

In my last vacation update I left off Harry and I were staying in a cheap hotel in Springfield. We had seen a sign for the farmer’s market on the way to the show the night before and decided to check it out. It was tiny, with only a handful of vendors but still nice not to miss the market. I got a bar of handmade soap from the soap lady that is at least very pretty and purple, it was also pricey. There were also peaches which have been yummy and its nice they’re back. There was also a big vendor with stuff that was out of season and little plastic stickers so its not a producer’s market. I did get some good sized red potatoes and onions of size as well.

We hopped on Highway 44 but decided the interstate was not to our liking and cut off on route 5 and stopped by Bennett’s Spring. It was Hillbilly Days so very crowded with bass fisherpeople standing in the spring in waders which took away from the beauty of the third largest spring in Missouri. We went back to the little used hiking trails and attempted to hike the Savannah Trail. It was hot but I brought water and we weren’t going that far. There was also a natural bridge but it was a 7+ mile hike and it was too hot to do that enjoyably.

The hike was pretty close to a disaster. There were a lot of ticks and neither of us were really dressed for that. The trail was also poorly marked and we couldn’t make since of the markers and ultimately turned back in frustration after walking close to seven miles. We did find this little grotto where I took a moment to compose myself in the cool mists of the little waterfall and rinse the worst of the ticks off my legs. It seemed we were well above the cows so I drank a few handfuls of water just to feel more apart of the scene.

We drove North glad to be alive. We had definitely had an adventure and I like to remind folks they are not always fun. We hit some brief heavy rain which was followed by a cold front and it kind of got nice when we finished up our trip at the Missouri Wildflower Nursery in Brazito. I got some phlox and other wildflowers as well as a gallon sized paw paw tree.

I’ve been back for a couple of days and its been nice being on vacation and being at home. I’d had quite enough travel for a bit though I am hoping on going somewhere towards the end of this week. I did get to be back for Father’s Day and cooked the old man breakfast and went with him to the casino for a buffet. I also picked up a bench for the backyard so the popster can rest in the shade when we’re playing partners. I even put it together rather than trying to get him to do it.

Yesterday I caught Spain vs Honduras in the worldcup with Amy and her friend Belen from Spain. It was a lot of fun and Spain dominated. Belen is going to come over tomorrow for USA vs Algeria and Dad and i are laying out our brunch menu. Bacon & eggs or grilled sirloin? I’ve also done a fair amount of gardening in spite of the heat wave. Turned over some garden bed for Okra to go in later this morning and hope to get my wildflowers in today. I cleaned up the beds in front weeding and cultivating and cut some flowers that were leaning. I planted my paw paw tree, this time inside of the fence which will hopefully keep the deer from eating it like the last two. I also used the last of the stackable composter compost and am on to my batch from spring. Its not as done but looks pretty good except for some sizable eggshells. I need to run a strap around it to secure the bin so i can get in and turn it better. Nonetheless I am quite proud of the grounds, hardly looks like the place i moved into. The coreopsis and asters are a brilliant yellow and the shade bed is totally rehabilitated and flowering nicely with the added beauty of the spiderwort in the mornings. Come on by and check it out.

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June 20, 2010 1 comment

Vacation so far has been a lot of Missouri travel. Got back last night from a two day trip to Springfield. We left Friday morning fairly early heading down 63 to 54. We drove through Lake of the Ozarks which I had described as a tourist trap shit hole for drinking on boats, date rape, and meth. There are also lots of local little restaurant/bars with names playing on fishing, beer, and date rape (no meth yet) and we decided to take advantage of that to grab some breakfast at one of them, Hookers or Crack Whore or something like that, a little before ten. We found a lively crowd of drunken revelry happening in celebration of the USA/Slovenia world cup mach. I heard a local calling to check in with her boss saying: “Its started early, the US world cup game started at 9:00”. We felt we had an appt. with destiny as we caught the last 20 minutes of the game, just in time for the US to come back to tie. Breakfast was good as well.

We stopped at Ozarkland as we had both forgotten our hats and it was a hot and sunny day. We ended up getting some close outs and I got a leather brimmed Lake of the Ozarks hat for $3.25. The check out lady was very funny and engaging and every line was a joke. She confirmed Ha Ha Tonka State Park was worth the trip.

And it was. We met another very nice lady who wrote out an ambitious agenda of short hikes for our 90+ day of humid hiking. We walked up to the remains of a castle built by a KC business man at the turn of the century. It was very cool and a nice hike with lots of drinking fountains. We also hiked up to the water tower which was very D&D. The glade trail wasn’t all that as it was supposed to be booming with wildflowers which it wasn’t (right now its time for Brown Eyed Suzans, Cone Flowers and Butterfly weed). We caught the natural bridge which was pretty cool but it had a very heavy handed gravel trail across it that took away from its natural beauty. We drank a lot of water and slowed our pace when we started to flag and the heat and humidity thinned out the crowds nicely.

We drove on to Springfield and took 44 West until we saw hotels. We looked at a local place but it looked meth-ridden so we cruised down to the America’s Best Inn and payed a little more. Firm bed but the remote didn’t work and it had ants.

The hotel was also across the street from a Buckingham’s Barbecue. Since there is no good barbecue in Columbia we ran across the street for dinner. I had smoky links and beef brisket (excellent) and the pot beans were first rate. I tried Harry’s greens which were also great; my fries were highly skippable, but nice and salty for having had sweated a gallon of water or so earlier in the day.

After dinner we napped and then cruised down to the Outland Ballroom for the show. There was a long line and it looked like young hipsters were the target audience. Friendly though and we talked a bit with a mustachioed young fellow while we waited. He was a David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) fan.

The show turned out to be great. Rubik was the opening act straight from Helsinki. They had really complex fun stuff with lots of instrument changes and complex clapping. Just really fun and though I couldn’t make out the words there was a nice spirit to them. The crowd, whom I am quite sure had never heard of them, were really into it and there was lots of dancing, jumping and clapping which we joined in.

It was hot so we ran across the street to a coffee shop and I had a nice frozen coffee drink that was excellent and sat well with the two beers I had blasted through in the first act. I don’t know why Christian music and mind altering substances go together so well. I think  a few beers and a stiff espresso drink puts you in an ecstatic place to really get into it. Church ought to look into this phenomenon.

This might be a good place to talk about the crowd. Mostly Christian so in spite of being in a smoking bar there was very little smoking and drinking going on. The non-intoxicated crowd was fun and not overtly christian by dress. But polite. If someone bumped you they apologized. They looked like hipsters and were mostly young and pretty. It was an all ages show so it ended at 11 which I liked.

David Bazan was good. We saw him use the bathroom at the coffee shop before he went on. We speculated he was doing a few lines. Putting in a singer song writer in the middle act was strange but the break from jumping was good. He seemed sincere and his stuff was ok, but singer-songwritery. Hard not to be when you’re a dude with a guitar. But he had his fans.

Finally mewithoutyou came on. They were as great as I had hoped and it was a fun show. Everyone was super into it and I think all of us sang along to my favorite which was part of the encore, “lets forgive everyone all the time for everything” and “Allah, Allah in every blade of grass”. All that good stuff. It felt like worship and ended up being one of the best shows i’ve ever seen.

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they paved the road to sutton’s bluff

This week found Harry, Dad, myself and Oni making a brief Ozarks excursion. We delayed a day to have an extra one to prepare and severe weather had been threatening and left on Tuesday. We set out around 9:30 and had an enjoyable drive down. The Black Eyed Susan was striking and it was nice to get out into the woods. Going gluten free and wanting shade for the dog kept us out of restaurants and it made me nostalgic for road trips past when we had made sandwiches on the road because we couldn’t afford to eat in restaurants. In 94 I had helped organize a summer long volunteer/protest/environmental education/camp out. We were a roving band of 8-60+ folks who met and did projects and hung out and camped and gave workshops and talked to locals. We worked on trails, repaired a dam, dumped saw dust at a national forest office, publicly threatened to disrupt an ATV race, got death threats, and were almost set up for a marijuana cultivation case we did not commit by a crooked sheriff in a small town. All in all it was a grand old time camping and hiking in beautiful country, learning about the natural world and how to live together and make it better.  A lot of skinny dipping and a lot of driving. One of the places we liked to go was Sutton’s Bluff and I planned to check it out/camp near it and check out some tourist sites I gave short shift to back in the day, namely the recently re-opened Johnson’s Shut Ins.

We had a little trouble finding our road as forest service 2233 was being paved and was renamed county rd 917. We drove up it a few miles weaving around the paving crew then traveled down a forest service road for a couple of miles until we found an established camp site at a trail head for the Ozark Trail. It was a pretty site with some clearing, lots of shade, and some black eyed susans. We pitched our tents then drove to the shut ins but we didn’t have a lot of time and we were tired and the visitor center was closed so we never figured out how it worked.

Camp was nice though, made spaghetti and we had a smoky fire to keep away insects. Got up early made coffee. Thought our Kaldis Bolivian in the French Press quite likely the best cup of coffee in Reynolds County. Hiked the OT up from camp, nice. Found some fresh boar scat which i thought i had heard them snuffleupagussing in the night.

We headed out and drove up to Taumsauk and climbed the tower. Oni was game for it even though she wasn’t quite as tall as the step, but she climbed it like a champ. Beautiful 360 view. We also checked out an overlook than headed down to Elephant Rocks. I’ve seen bigger rock fields but it was cool for the Midwest, getting to scramble around on boulders. We checked out the ruins of an old engine house made of the granite pieces. I learned about Reg Granite which can can come from Missouri and Dad talked about how granite got going (black granite first used as ship ballast to even out loads until they had a surplus and decided to slice em up and sell them) and how they work it (1/4 mile long wires to give it time to cool). Elephant Rocks are the world’s preeminent place to see weathered red granite and it was pretty cool. There were some cliffs you could jump off into a quarry but i wasn’t quite hot enough and wanted to get back to dad and oni.

We then went to Johnson’s Shut Ins which were very cool and Harry and I slid/scrambled our way through that. Rock climbing in a waterfall, just a lot of fun in the water. Went back to camp and cooked again, i made an apple and ham wild rice dish that was impressive let alone for camp food.

Today we packed up, did out OT hike and cruised back. Caught a diner for lunch on the way home, they did a nice hamburger steak and we all made it home happy. Oni enjoyed camping, just thrilled to be living outside and loved the off leash hiking.

Today back in time to mow the front yard and get cleaned up for Batterer’s Group. The guys were rockin’ and we graduated a cool dude, biker type who teared up when I praised his progress. life is good, vacation is fun even when you’re working. Harry and I are both excited to be seeing mewithoutyou tomorrow night in Springfield. I remembered when I was hoping to leave work an hour early to make the show on time and now i’ve had all week off. Surely god works in mysterious ways.

going crazy part 10: The Captain’s Washroom

I awoke in a very strange space. A flight attendant brought me a duty free catalog and asked me “What do you want?” Again, I was struck by the momentousness of the question. What did I want? I went through the duty free catalog selecting presents and writing things down for my family and a few close friends. I had written down a number of things for Christa, whom I hadn’t thought about in some time and didn’t realize I still had feelings for. What do I want? echoed through my mind. I handed my list to the flight attendant.

“That’s quite a list sir. I’ll tally up the total and come back for payment.” I hadn’t realized there was payment expected. I had given all my money away weeks ago.

“You know that’s alright. I guess I was doing it as an exercise in what I want.Thanks all the same though, it was very enlightening.” She gave me a look of displeasure, quickly composed herself and left.

Filled with an incredible restlessness I could not just sit. I wondered if I could get some media on the screen. There were some buttons on the armrest and a screen in the seat ahead. I couldn’t make sense of the buttons. I pushed an up arrow and someone up ahead wearing earphones jumped in his seat. I wondered if my buttons controlled the volume on his ear set. I wondered if this were some elaborate puzzle or intelligence test. I decided I shouldn’t mess with it anymore.

There was also a counter on the armrest. It was at somewhere over 5 thousand. I wondered if it were an altimeter and I thought about the mile high club. I watched the numbers spin higher and higher and I wondered about a two mile high club, three mile high club, four mile high club, five…. There was so much I didn’t know about these people and what they were capable of. What they wanted from me.

I could no longer sit with this sense of powerlessness and impending doom. I got up and walked to the front of the plane. To the right there was a curtained alcove and a small restroom off to the side. I splashed water in my face. I was still so tired, even after that sleep. There were a set of colognes and I splashed some on. There was a jacket on a hook, a captain’s jacket. I tried it on, too narrow in the shoulders. I could not be the Captain. There was a red button. I returned to my seat.

I was sitting looking at the numbers go up on the armrest. I could not sit still. I felt something was calling me to do something. I thought now was the time. I returned to the Captain’s Washroom and pushed the red button, thinking to summon a stewardess to enroll me in whatever mile club we were at. I waited, nothing happened. I realized that was silly, things don’t work like that, and returned to my seat.

A flight attendant came, a stern older woman with curly blond hair. “We have had enough of this. You are going back to economy class and take your seat. If you get up again I will have the Captain turn this plane around. Do you hear me.”

“Yes, I understand”. I walked down the short flight of steps and pulled out my ticket. Row 23 seat “H”. I walked back feeling like everyone was looking at me, to row 23. There was no seat “H”. Where there should have been a seat there was a support beam. Strange. I wandered around until I found an empty seat and took it.

I struck up a conversation with my seat mate, a very engaging older fellow and we talked intently about something until we landed. I had made it safely back to the United States. We poured out of the plane and we carried our conversation towards customs where we had to go our separate ways, for I was an American without a checked bag and had a different line to go to. The muscular flight attendant walked by pulling one of those black wheeled bags with a handle. “Thank you for your service,” I said.

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June 14, 2010 2 comments

My vacation is off to a great start. I have such a love of travel, I’ve never had one come up where I didn’t try and go somewhere. But I only found out last Wednesday this was coming. My outfit expended pretty much the year’s allotment for substance abuse treatment so I get to take the rest of the fiscal year off. No work until July 1. Its funny, I busted it out Thursday and Friday to get caught up and everything running on its own and I wouldn’t be heading back to work for another two hours but just knowing I am on vacation made the weekend so much more fun. On Saturday I busted out the lawn. I got the front done before we went to the market and the back I took it easy on as I was getting it in the heat of the day. It was in the best shape to start with then it has been all year and it came out pretty. I still had a little energy f0r some other odds and ends and when the rain came I was glad I was done.

Yesterday I started my day with Church. My housemate Harry goes to the Nazarene Church and they have a Summer Sunday School class on science and the bible. It was OK. Very smart biologist dude teaches it but his premise is that science makes some a priori assumptions about the world and so does the bible and christians should go with bible assumptions. not very appealing. the service was heartfelt and sincere but didn’t speak to me and the music, altar call, and closing prayer i found all very nostalgic and when i reached out for the Spirit, of course it was there. Nonetheless if I had to sum it up in one word, as usual when i go to Church, I would choose irrelevant.

I got back on the yard stuff and finished off the tree trimming chores in the back and cleared some headroom and dead stuff and hauled all the sticks to the mulch pile. I also weeded the shade bed which was getting out of hand and some other miscellaneous projects. I tried to buy a tent but Dicks only had department store tents. I did get a rain jacket that fits at a nice price.

We are planning on going to Johnson’s Shut Ins, but put the trip off until tomorrow. Looks like the weather might be a bit better and it gives us more time to get ready. I still need to get to the store. Dad’s new gluten free diet has really made camp food more challenging. We have to forgo our usual processed this and canned that. I got some natural cold cuts (ham & turkey) but bread is problematic (he doesn’t like the $6 loaf i got him, crust is too hard). I think we are going to boil eggs, bring along fresh fruits, perhaps some oatmeal for breakfast. In general it has pushed us in a lot healthier direction regarding food. Checking labels and excluding anything with wheat fillers is an interesting exercise. Spending more but eating better stuff. If nothing else its stopped Dad from putting Hamburger Helper on the dinner table.

So today I might pick up and spread mulch. I might do some shopping. I found a $200 bed I might get, I still need that tent (mine finally crapped out after sustaining sever damage when it got blown a 1/4 mile in death valley, 2 Christmases ago), food for the trip, and perhaps paint for the living room. I might get some mulch and mulch out the little path I made, clean out the grass behind the back of the fence, cultivate stuff, and start in on putting in a small bed next to the horse radish for okra (its probably too wet to work the garden beds and time’s a wastin’).

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In Praise of the Push Reel Mower

I am up early drinking coffee and looking for that balanced time when the dew has dried but the heat of the day has not kicked in. Today is the day I get to mow my lawn. When I bought my house a couple years ago and needed to get a mower it was a pretty easy selection. My biggest factor was my carbon footprint and the push reel mower rocks on that front. Two stroke engines are terribly polluting and the noise and the gas and oil and the space just made it not seem worth it. My yard is of some size so I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a chore at times. My 73 year old pappy rues the choice cuz he likes mowing lawn, likes doing his share, but the push reel is too tough. He also likes to point out that he’s done his share on the push reel back in his childhood and still remembers fondly when his parents upgraded to a motorized mower. Having seen the size of my grandma’s yard I can’t hardly blame him. But I figure I need the exercise. I don’t go to the gym which seems artificial and strange. There is so much physical work that needs to be done and by doing everything by hand I get the opportunity to work out. Mostly its biggest drawback is the time. Its a strange balancing act of matching weather, schedule and personal energy to get ‘er done. The trick to good push reel mowing is to stay ahead of it. When the grass gets tall or is too damp the mower just pushes it over. I also like to go back over it with a weed whip and hit the grass stalks and heavy stems. The end result looks as good as anyone’s. I’ve also come to enjoy the quiet. When Amee and I lived in Toledo I used to call the guy down the street using his leaf blower excessively “manscaping”. Why do by hand which you can do with noisy power tools seems to be the ethic. I am just the opposite. I dig my garden, double dig in fact, by hand, rake my leaves, push reel the lawn, for the quiet and the clean and it just feels more serene. Machines have always made me nervous. I was a natural Luddite and I organize my life to that effect. Sure I have my ’92 pick up but when the timing belt chews its way through the engine block I may not replace it. I enjoy not driving. I’ll bike more, stay closer to home, start walking to the store. Its where we all need to go if we believe in justice or enjoy living on the planet earth. Everyone can’t drive a combustion car and a living planet. We all can have a bike, a place to call home, the internet, and maybe even a push reel mower.

bread and circuses

June 7, 2010 4 comments

Maybe a road trip is the ideal time to remember that not only is BP responsible for the oil spill catastrophe but I am as well. I drive they drill ducks get oily. I wish I could get mad like so many of my peers but I don’t feel holy enough to point my finger at anyone at BP. Maybe if I knew more I could know they’re more guilty than me. I know I feel bad because I allow it to happen, and go to baseball games. There’s this whole level of engagement in professional sports that i have gone from experiencing and taking a critical eye. I can easily understand how Marx would consider it an opiate for the masses, some piece of false consciousness to distract us from the oily ducks and the exploitation of man by man. Nonetheless I was thrilled to see Tommy Brookins, whom i listed along with Larry Norman as people I thought were self actualized in my high school psych class. I loved Tommy Brookins, and Kirk Gibson, and Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel, and all those guys who won the pennant with Sparky. At the game there was a child like joy, mostly in the children. A toddler stood on her mom’s lap and when i would cheer for the Tigers she would too. I told her mom she was raising a little Tiger’s fan. It was fun, engaging, we all shared something. I ran into my friend Isaiah who I thought was a Cubs fan, when I asked him he said, “no, i’m a baseball fan”. If you’ve ever read George Will with an open mind you can’t believe baseball is only false consciousness. A perfect world might need baseball, as well as clean oceans and beaches. My dad has that same childlike spirit about baseball. He knows it all, every Tiger and what they’ve been doing, what their stories are, what pitches they throw and then. Who swings at the first pitch and how quickly they take between pitches. It keeps him engaged in this world. It may be the most important thing in his life. If its not shedding crocodile tears over the fucked up gulf and plotting with his class peers for the dictatorship of the proletariot then fuck Marx and his judgemental bullshit. But nonetheless I drove a gulf oil eating machine halfway across the state to see millionaires play baseball. I am not doing nor planning on doing a damn thing for the oily ducks and all that other bullshit even though I think I am cognizant of how truly awful it all is and that i am personally responsible. A client asked me how bad it really was because he doesn’t trust the news. I told him second cup bad. What? The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died (Revelations 16:3). I refuse the simple comfort of anger at BP and put faith that how i live my life justifies my part in this horrible piece of evil filth our works have created. It will remind me to step up my game, to work smarter if not harder to disengage from the madness. Engage more in the solution.


This poem is my last from “Atonal Musings” and is in fact the last poem i can be reasonably sure i can lay hands on without writing something new. I write poetry in spurts and frequently when i am highly engaged in the helping professions poetic inspiration is far away. Its one of the reasons i have been known to drift. I am feeling a bit of that call and am trying out the idea of thinking about taking steps that might allow that to happen. I don’t know, I’m just thinking (do not be alarmed if you are invested in my present status, i only do 8% of the things i say i’m going to). Anyways this poem is about the Greek philosopher who invented atoms and thought everything was made from them. The chorus is a quotation by Democritus that should end “but atoms” but we’ve learned a thing or two and now know what things are really made of….

Democritus thought everything but the void

Was made up of atoms that could not be destroyed

Do you think that he would have enjoyed

Learning his atoms were made of nothing.

By convention sour, by convention sweet

By convention colored, in reality nothing….

Protons and neutrons and things of that sort

Are made up of pieces, that we call quarks

And quarks are made of nothing, except for math

So think about that next time you take a bath

You really are bathing in nothing.

By convention sour, by convention sweet

By convention colored, in reality nothing….

Heisenberg shows if you can understand

That the universe to the poetry stand

Everything there is across the land

Descends from mathematical forms

Everything is made of nothing.

By convention sour, by convention sweet

By convention colored, in reality nothing.

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