My vacation is off to a great start. I have such a love of travel, I’ve never had one come up where I didn’t try and go somewhere. But I only found out last Wednesday this was coming. My outfit expended pretty much the year’s allotment for substance abuse treatment so I get to take the rest of the fiscal year off. No work until July 1. Its funny, I busted it out Thursday and Friday to get caught up and everything running on its own and I wouldn’t be heading back to work for another two hours but just knowing I am on vacation made the weekend so much more fun. On Saturday I busted out the lawn. I got the front done before we went to the market and the back I took it easy on as I was getting it in the heat of the day. It was in the best shape to start with then it has been all year and it came out pretty. I still had a little energy f0r some other odds and ends and when the rain came I was glad I was done.

Yesterday I started my day with Church. My housemate Harry goes to the Nazarene Church and they have a Summer Sunday School class on science and the bible. It was OK. Very smart biologist dude teaches it but his premise is that science makes some a priori assumptions about the world and so does the bible and christians should go with bible assumptions. not very appealing. the service was heartfelt and sincere but didn’t speak to me and the music, altar call, and closing prayer i found all very nostalgic and when i reached out for the Spirit, of course it was there. Nonetheless if I had to sum it up in one word, as usual when i go to Church, I would choose irrelevant.

I got back on the yard stuff and finished off the tree trimming chores in the back and cleared some headroom and dead stuff and hauled all the sticks to the mulch pile. I also weeded the shade bed which was getting out of hand and some other miscellaneous projects. I tried to buy a tent but Dicks only had department store tents. I did get a rain jacket that fits at a nice price.

We are planning on going to Johnson’s Shut Ins, but put the trip off until tomorrow. Looks like the weather might be a bit better and it gives us more time to get ready. I still need to get to the store. Dad’s new gluten free diet has really made camp food more challenging. We have to forgo our usual processed this and canned that. I got some natural cold cuts (ham & turkey) but bread is problematic (he doesn’t like the $6 loaf i got him, crust is too hard). I think we are going to boil eggs, bring along fresh fruits, perhaps some oatmeal for breakfast. In general it has pushed us in a lot healthier direction regarding food. Checking labels and excluding anything with wheat fillers is an interesting exercise. Spending more but eating better stuff. If nothing else its stopped Dad from putting Hamburger Helper on the dinner table.

So today I might pick up and spread mulch. I might do some shopping. I found a $200 bed I might get, I still need that tent (mine finally crapped out after sustaining sever damage when it got blown a 1/4 mile in death valley, 2 Christmases ago), food for the trip, and perhaps paint for the living room. I might get some mulch and mulch out the little path I made, clean out the grass behind the back of the fence, cultivate stuff, and start in on putting in a small bed next to the horse radish for okra (its probably too wet to work the garden beds and time’s a wastin’).

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  1. June 14, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Unplanned vacations can be the best. When did you find out you were getting 2 weeks off? Do they really have the money to bring you back in July?

    Enjoy camping, it sounds like fun.

  2. June 14, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    I found out on Tuesday it was a possibility and Wednesday that it was a go. The agency is quite fiscally strong, we’re not out of money, the state is. there’s no since providing services no one can pay for so it helps the agency budget if I remove myself. They were just asking if anyone wanted to take vacation since we didn’t have anything to do for a few weeks. It was really hard to budget this fiscal year because the state made 3 downgrades to our contract through the year. We have moved from getting 98% of our money from the state 8 years ago to 38% this year. They’re not really doing furloughs I just requested one when i saw the opportunity to get two weeks extra vacation. Its been great so far even though technically i’m just an hour into it. I’ve got steel cut oats in the rice cooker and have already put a couple of hours into the lawn. Johnson’s Shut Ins is really really cool, looking forward to getting back there tomorrow.

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