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home from springfield to start the staycation

In my last vacation update I left off Harry and I were staying in a cheap hotel in Springfield. We had seen a sign for the farmer’s market on the way to the show the night before and decided to check it out. It was tiny, with only a handful of vendors but still nice not to miss the market. I got a bar of handmade soap from the soap lady that is at least very pretty and purple, it was also pricey. There were also peaches which have been yummy and its nice they’re back. There was also a big vendor with stuff that was out of season and little plastic stickers so its not a producer’s market. I did get some good sized red potatoes and onions of size as well.

We hopped on Highway 44 but decided the interstate was not to our liking and cut off on route 5 and stopped by Bennett’s Spring. It was Hillbilly Days so very crowded with bass fisherpeople standing in the spring in waders which took away from the beauty of the third largest spring in Missouri. We went back to the little used hiking trails and attempted to hike the Savannah Trail. It was hot but I brought water and we weren’t going that far. There was also a natural bridge but it was a 7+ mile hike and it was too hot to do that enjoyably.

The hike was pretty close to a disaster. There were a lot of ticks and neither of us were really dressed for that. The trail was also poorly marked and we couldn’t make since of the markers and ultimately turned back in frustration after walking close to seven miles. We did find this little grotto where I took a moment to compose myself in the cool mists of the little waterfall and rinse the worst of the ticks off my legs. It seemed we were well above the cows so I drank a few handfuls of water just to feel more apart of the scene.

We drove North glad to be alive. We had definitely had an adventure and I like to remind folks they are not always fun. We hit some brief heavy rain which was followed by a cold front and it kind of got nice when we finished up our trip at the Missouri Wildflower Nursery in Brazito. I got some phlox and other wildflowers as well as a gallon sized paw paw tree.

I’ve been back for a couple of days and its been nice being on vacation and being at home. I’d had quite enough travel for a bit though I am hoping on going somewhere towards the end of this week. I did get to be back for Father’s Day and cooked the old man breakfast and went with him to the casino for a buffet. I also picked up a bench for the backyard so the popster can rest in the shade when we’re playing partners. I even put it together rather than trying to get him to do it.

Yesterday I caught Spain vs Honduras in the worldcup with Amy and her friend Belen from Spain. It was a lot of fun and Spain dominated. Belen is going to come over tomorrow for USA vs Algeria and Dad and i are laying out our brunch menu. Bacon & eggs or grilled sirloin? I’ve also done a fair amount of gardening in spite of the heat wave. Turned over some garden bed for Okra to go in later this morning and hope to get my wildflowers in today. I cleaned up the beds in front weeding and cultivating and cut some flowers that were leaning. I planted my paw paw tree, this time inside of the fence which will hopefully keep the deer from eating it like the last two. I also used the last of the stackable composter compost and am on to my batch from spring. Its not as done but looks pretty good except for some sizable eggshells. I need to run a strap around it to secure the bin so i can get in and turn it better. Nonetheless I am quite proud of the grounds, hardly looks like the place i moved into. The coreopsis and asters are a brilliant yellow and the shade bed is totally rehabilitated and flowering nicely with the added beauty of the spiderwort in the mornings. Come on by and check it out.

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