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The staycation is coming to a close. The day after tomorrow I am back to the salt mines. I have enjoyed my time off but I am also missing making money. Harry and I got the living room painted. Its more yellow than mustard but really pretty and I did a wall and the paneling in a yellow orange and it looks really sharp. Brightened the place right up.

I have also gotten a lot of gardening in. I planted my Bush’s Poppy Mallow in the red bud stump. Ants had gotten in and hollowed it out and filled it with soil. I mixed in a little clay and some compost and so far so good. I planted my Paw paw tree on the East side of the house in a really shady area. It seems to be thriving so far and its inside of the fence which will keep out the casual deer. Speaking of the long legged rats ate not only my hosta blooms but also the rose blooms near them. They have come back and eaten the leaves as well. Next year I’m moving them behind the fence, that’s three years running they’ve eaten all the flowers.

I’ve done a lot of cultivating and cleaning up as well. I also have turned up more garden bed and the okra i’ve planted has turned into some nice little seedlings. I thinned them today and munched on the shoots, tangy but nice. I also finally got my yellow beans in, which generated a little family gardening lore. Dad says they used to do them two and then three seeds every 6 inches. The multiple seeds are supposed to support each other. Two and then three seems more like magic then based on reason, like planting your potatoes on good friday. Its such a varied date it can’t be based on physical laws but is captializing on the symbology of christ in the tomb. Its probably the same with the beans and there is so much symbology around 23, it just seemed magical. I did two rows and then dug up a partial row in my first bed where the peas were before the rabbits ate them all. I turned over the lettuce bed after harvesting it all. I made wilted lettuce twice to use it up when it was getting a little tough and tangy from the intense heat. I am going to plant cucumbers there tomorrow, but first i have to get some. I also have to pick up compost. My last batch didn’t finish because of the mass of dried leaves i put in last fall. When the container started to come apart i couldn’t turn the bottom and it never got mixed in and is still leaves. I turned it up good and wet it down and will add coffee grounds to get it finished. In the interim i will have to buy some. On the flower front the gladiolas i planted last fall are doing great. Have some cut on the table. Tomorrow my friend Julie visits from Colorado. I hope to get some gardening in before she arrives.

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