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A friend requested I tackle the topic of power. In the absence of clarification I am going to assume she meant that sense of personal power that allows us to change the world. I am talking about more than confidence though that is a natural by product of personal power. A heightened sense of your own efficacy. An awareness that you can do things beyond the pale of ordinary reality. Most of us live lives of quiet desperation because we are chained by our own limited sense of reality. We may live in the universe but we exist in our conception of the universe.

Changing our conception of reality is the truest path to increasing our sense of personal power. Our changes in belief can translate into changes within ourselves and with changes in the world that increase our personal power.

Neitchze talked of a will to power. Our will, our motivating force is in some ways the part of us that is the most true. What we want and what we are willing to do to have it is who we most are. Mao Tse Tung for example had a conception of a China free from dominance of foreign powers or the traditional elites and he set out to make it so. His army was decimated, twice I believe to a handful of men but he persevered through his indomitable will and the world was changed.

Paolo Coehlo teaches that our world is as large as our vision. Most of look at our feet as we walk making for a very small world of possibility. He advises looking to the horizon, enlarging the world to the maximum of our vision. This is not just metaphor but a practical exercise anyone can do to enlarge their world.

Power in its most basic sense is the ability to make change in the world. Our biggest limitation in making change is our inability to believe that change is possible. Our basic decisions on what things mean, who we are, and what is the nature of reality will largely determine what change we can make and what is outside of our power.

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