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Walking in the Rain

Last night I was restless and a little angry and took off on a walk. It was a good decision. It was raining and I can’t remember the last time I took a walk in the rain. It had been coming down hard and when I got to Bear Creek it was roaring like its namesake. I’ve never seen the tranquil little town stream so big and ferocious. The trail was flooded but I walked on (tivas have their uses). Dusk came early because of the heavy cloud cover and an owl flew across my path, his feathers were ruffled and he was of good size but i couldn’t see his head to know what kind. A good chunk of the trail was water covered and their were crawfish, frogs & toads enjoying the shallows. The water in the woods was flowing like a giant brown stream in some places. Of course I had the trail to myself, best thing about rain is it clears out the crowds.  Down by Garth the trail was flooded where I had to lift my shorts and their was a current. I could see getting swept away. I couldn’t find the path that led up to the road I was going to walk home on but just plunged up. There was a lot of pale cone flower still holding up their little heads in the now downpour.

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