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It has been incredibly gorgeous all week, pre-Fall seems to really be here. I mowed the lawn earlier in the week so got to advance the cause and plant the 3 daylilies I bought at the Farmers Market from the local daylilie society. I just went with some cheap ones not knowing much about them. Dad suggested I plant them at the head of Myrtle’s grave where we have the Greek Myrtle patch going well (though it didn’t flower much). Its pretty sunny, but gets really dry and is a red clay patch. I shoveled about 30 #s of cow manure I had bought between compost batches and turned it up good. I was glad I did a little research although I probably would have put them in the same way. I learned that you are supposed to remove the seed pods after they flower so they flower more the next year. I inherited some orange ones from previous leslie laners and they don’t produce the 200 to 400 flowers the interweb said i could get. Besides the seed pod thing they also are in what I call the shade bed (I suspect they were planted before the neighbors built their privacy fence). These are much sunnier and when I divide them in the spring i might move them to a sunnier spot. The interweb suggested covering a hillside like ground cover and that might be something to start working towards. The coolest thing about daylilies is there is a whole culture on making new varieties. A local guy is prominent in that and has them in his front yard down on Broadway. I put in “Bold One” (Lenington ’64 Dip” M 7″ Gold with purple halo), “Radar Love” (30″ M 5″ Fra Noc Ext Rose raspberry self), and “Camden Gold Dollar” (Yancey 1982 19″ EMRe 3″ dip Deep Yellow Self). I don’t know what all the info means but I might need to know some day. And to put a nice end to an awesome day Dad is grilling steaks and potatoes and I put what may be summer’s last sweet corn on to boil. yumm.

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