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I’ve gotten to do a bit of gardening after work yesterday and some this morning, nice fall stuff. Back by Myrtle’s greek myrtle grave blanket I extended the bed to the west to put in some tulips and daffodils with crocus on the front. Its by the bird feeder so i thought dad would enjoy the crocuses when he feeds the birds this spring. I had first extended that bed to the south and put in a row of daylilies i had gotten from the market. So I pulled out one that needed to be split out of the bed i inherited that’s no shaded by the neighbor’s privacy fence. I figured they’d do better in the sunnier locale and the hill of crab grass could someday be a hill of daylilies. I also figure in three years or so the myrtle will have spread and I can move them when they need to split again.

That left me with two myrtles left from the too big clump i dug up. I threw them in containers, through the grass in the compost and gave everything a drink. I guess that was friday. Saturday i did three groups all of which were cool but somewhat intense and i was cashed after six hard days. It was dark before I got any gumption back and that got spent watching football with dad and eric. go mizzou. could hear the cheers from the stadium. It also allowed me to definitively id the source of the snatches of marching band music i wonder if i hear and that weird metronome that kind of vibrates through you. nice to know the ominous thump has an external source.

So flowers in lieu of float. I dug up a small bed north of the myrtle bed and put in the two daylilies. Considered breaking up another goodly sized clump in the shade and make a matching row but i also wanted to get some other things done, like relax. I put in tulip clumps between them, thought they might come up through the expanding myrtle some day, we’ll see.

brought in mom’s ficus. which involves a lot of moving stuff and sweeping. it really grew this summer, just getting heavy. i’ll need to work out before next year. rearranged, cooked and ate. now dad and i are going to watch timecrimes.

Sunday i had planned to float the Lemine with several friends but one canceled do too back injury and i pulled the plug on the remainder of the 3.

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