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from computer fast to thanksgiving feast

its been a little minute since i’ve posted anything. i was without a computer. i broke my power cord in the same place that i broke the last one so i decided i needed to change my computer usage and it took me a few weeks to get my desk moved and set up in the spare room so i could try to move most of my computing and all of my plugged in computer time in the office. but what i found was i kind of enjoyed not playing on the computer. freed up some time which i promptly wasted reading novels, re-read snowcrash and the diamond age both just as good a second thoughtful time through.  floated the lemine river the last 12 miles before the the 2 miles before the mouth of the missouri. loverly it was. saw a beautiful bald eagle, piliated woodpecker and great hawk and great blue heron sitings. floating is a misnomer though as if we would have allowed for current we would probably still be there. there were places were the leaves had fallen and they just stayed there, very beautiful. patches of color but mostly bare so you could see through the woods like you can in winter. some pretty bluffs. nice big easy river. not a lot of motor boats on a cool fall day. dad finished the new compost bin. its a lot bigger a square plywood box framed with two by fours and a plywood bin. today at lunch i raked leaves and layered them in with the house coffee and scraps and started shoveling in the top layers of my compost that’s been going. i think there’s probably a fair bit finished down below and i’m gonna mix it in to make the leaves go faster. should have enough capacity to hold all of my fall plant material at once. i want to use the compost to turn up a couple of beds hopefully of spinach, lettuce, and kale. still need to harvest the horseradish but its still green so i’m letting it grow. i bought alcohol to process the witch hazel tincture, european style not distilled like i’ve always used. i’m waiting for it to lose the rest of its leaves and i’m going to prune off suckers. also have a pretty darn local thanksgiving feast in the works. brenda and heather are driving down bless their hearts. i ordered a pasture raised bobtail white, next year i’m going to heritage, but i’m excited nonetheless, littler than a factory bird but realer and there’s only going to be four or so. plus i’m gonna do mashed taters, red if there’s some left. i’m going to hit the market first thing. i’m also doing sweet potatoes cubed and cooked in a little water in the cast iron skillet with spinach, fresh chopped ginger, freshly ground star anise & nutmeg (my bastardization of a recipe i had at Jack’s Steakhouse on HT3’s b-day dinner [a very cool affair with live piano, a beef mushroom wine soup, a wine soaked local streak, the sweet potatoes, and a baked alaska for two{suitable for four}]). and butternut squash with brown sugar, butter and roasted nuts (not pecans this year’s don’t come out for two more weeks.) cornbread dressing with fresh roasted chestnuts and the nasty bits of the turkey (neck and organs [i love my family]). some type of cranberry dish, maybe just the canned kind (not the tube though). also will have the homemade bread & butter pickles that get better and better as they sit. got a bottle of a nice italian red. taking the day before to cook. sightseeing and an AA meeting on black friday, the first day of winter market with brenda and heather (those pecans i mentioned and a breakfast burrito) and then see them off with two days of weekend to clean up and deal with leftovers and relax before the grind. life is sweet. i am blessed and looking forward to a full holiday season at my own home for the first time in my life. greetings to the national christmas tree which is winding around wyoming enroute to columbia to spend the night at the holiday inn. sorry i won’t get across town to get you a commemorative ornament. know that i love you just the same.

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  1. November 17, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Hey Mike, nice post. Both Brenda and Heather called me wanting me to come to como for turkey. I actually gave it consideration but am unable to swing the $600 in gas. Your dinner sounds really good…almost good enough for me to raid savings;-)

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