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foundational moles

We’re debating moles here on Leslie Lane. My attitude has been live and let live. They aerate the soil which my clay pit desperately needs and don’t do anything but cosmetic damage. I am not going for a vast expanse of monoculture grass so the tracks haven’t really bothered me. Its not really noticeable curbside but its been a growing problem. This fall a bunch of tunnels have appeared near the  house, i’m guessing to take advantage of the warmer soil. Dad claims they’ll wreck the foundation. I am dubious but dad is right enough it led me to an internet search. Couldn’t find any indications they do any damage except cosmetic damage to lawns. They’re tunnels appear to collect nuisances as when you eliminate them new critters move in, other moles, mice, wasps & hornets and such. I’m not thrilled with my ever growing system of mole tunnels but killing the little bastards seems extreme and likely to invite new invaders to move into the vacuum. So for now i will share the yard with my myopic friends. If they become problematic or i learn something that changes my mind i’ll invest in a mole trap. With my already extant tunnel system i can expect it to be a reoccurring issue.

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  1. December 22, 2010 at 10:52 am

    The best success I have had with getting rid of moles is using the bait and applicator from http://www.mole-be-gone.com

    Hope this helps!

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