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“From Here I Go Crazy-Come Down On your…”

David A. Smith friend and poet wrote me a cool poem and sent me the only copy back on 11-21-10. Its been sitting on my coffee table but looks like personal correspondence so no one has been reading it. Thought I would share it here since I am home sick today and feeling restless. Head cold I think, with my scratchy throat turning into a cough and my sinuses starting to ache. I caught it early and have been aggressive with rest and fluids but i have been under a bit of strain for a time so i shouldn’t be surprised. We still largely reap what we sow in this world. I was starting to write i’m putting it in as a prose poem and ignoring the original line structure but looking at it looks significant so i will keep it. Enjoy and thanks Dave.

From Here I Go Crazy – Come Down Off your…

Found you on the floor in an empty apartment

dark it was in there – Could tell you were the

color blue barely in this dream. I asked you what was

wrong as I could tell you were drowning inside.

How you come to be here alone, empty I wondered

aloud, you told me a full apartment in the building turned

on you. Said they’d kill you. But here you were.

they there, closed door; open door here, thankfulness

in my heart. Did’nt question. care, ask how you

escaped; only what happened. The we were in the

mist of manic you state how Jesus has nothing on

you; better than Budda in your non-existent mind

your body of flesh immortal; Mohammad a neo-phyte

who need walk in your shoes, all this as espousing


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